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    Team Ruggedness explained

    Who decides to whom the patch will be given?
    Will there be a grandfather clause? That is, if you are over sixty-five, you should not have to do anything since you have already done plenty. :dunno
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    Now I understand the pre-requisite to get the "team rugged" patch. I hope to make it through the rigorous screening process in the future; but will the Regular patches reflective of this great site be available at.........say the flyfishing show???? I would like to get one...I have a flyfishing hat that is just too bare - needs some life added to it. That Patch is just the right thing in my book. Anyhow, Please let us know how, when, and where we could aquire(SP) one of them. Thanks!

    Tight Lines. J
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    By all means, if they arrive in time, I'll bring the patches to the show. It will save on shipping!

    If they are later than that, I'll post my address and y'all can send me some funds and a S.A.S.E.


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    I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

    Boy, whats with all the Abr's. My brain does not work that well. What I need is a book with all the acyonym's in it so I can understand what you all are talking about. :dunno

    When I worked at the lazy "B" We/they had a book about a 1/2" thick with them all in it. So I guess while out in the real world we also need one.:bawling

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    S.A.S.E = Self Addressed Stamped Envelope :professor