NFR Emergency closure on the Nooksack!!!

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  1. First, we can't fish (Feb, Mar, Apr) to protect the wild fish.

    Now, we can't fish in January because we have to protect the hatchery fish.

    Now let's funnel everyone to the Skagit/Sauk and Sky for January. Then, over to the OP in February, March and April. The whole program is broke.

    I like Jim D.'s idea. Give me a Bahamian bonefish and an umbrella drink. That will keep me from twitching through the spring.
  2. If a quarter of a million fish are planted each year, where the hell are they all going when they go out into the Salt. Is somebody else netting them and not saying they are. They can't all be eaten up by bigger fish. 60 fish aren't much of a comeback. It seems that planting all those smolts is a waste of fish and money.
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  3. The concept of sport angling being an economic driver is one that cannot be overlooked. And we, as conservation anglers, use it as an example fairly frequently as a "this is why sport anglers should be at the same table as commercial anglers". But I gotta tell you, the money that having the Nooksack open a few more months brings in is negligible at best. Those of us who fish the Nook do so because we live here (for the most part). Nobody is canceling trips or refusing to buy a license if we give up on the Kendal Creek hatchery. This isn't a destination fishery.

    It's legitimate to consider the sport fishing economics when talking about fisheries as a whole. But it doesn't apply for hatchery steelhead on the Nooksack as far as I'm concerned.
  4. We need to get this message that the whole program is broken to the WDFW Commissioners. I don't think they're getting it from WDFW staff & management.

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  5. Exactly G
  6. Occupy Nookie!
  7. 77 fish at the hatchery, woo hoo
  8. Do you actually write to or contact your WDFW and/or politicians to make sure your voice is heard? Not that I fully understand all the issues that you face there, but do you have any organizations solely dedicated to making sure your voices and opinions are heard? I do realize that things are more complex there in the West when things such as power generation, tribal rights, logging, water rights, shipping/commerce, etc, also play a part in the management.
  9. EddyNet.jpg

    I don't guess the tribes got the memo.
  10. Yeah they did... the one that said the river has been closed for public fishing.
  11. Hello I am new to this site, I am also upset about the steelheading over the last quite a few years here in the nooksack. I have a question to anyone who may be able to help me, I am disabled not real bad but none the less unable to do things I used to. I have lived in the bellingham area all my life and grew up fising whatcom creek and the nooksack. I now live in lynden, I have led a hard life with many years of drug addiction (pain meds) I have changed my life now and have been clean for 3 years, I am on SSDI and must live from 600 a month. I live on front street with my mom and her husband and I long to fish, its my new addiction and keeps me out of trouble. I am looking for a small boat like a 10 or 12 foot aluminum that I can fish with in the river. I have little money and was wondering if anyone has or knows of a boat I could buy for cheap. Walking around here I see boats that look like they have not been moved in years. I used to work for rudes auto repair and I would be willing to do any type of work nothing is beneath me I will do anything. I have fished from shore the last few years here and have dreamed of having a boat. In my early 20s I had a 12 food aluminum boat with a 10 horse outboard and I would fish the salt water on calm days and troll the skagit for silvers. It would be a dream come true if anyone knows of or has a boat this size I could afford or work for. Sorry for the long story here I just long to fish and would give anything to get a boat for next season. Thank you for your time, barry.
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