ESPN Piece on Tom Morgan

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  1. This is the front page headline of right now, pretty cool. Usually its reserved only for the LeBron James' of the world. They have a nice photo gallery of his shop, flies, and a video with a brief interview.

    This piece was put together by their "Outside The Lines" crew. The show airs at noon PST on espn. Not 100% sure when they will discuss this story on T.V. but it was posted on the site today. The show is only 30min long so it could be worth a watch.
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  2. Not knocking the writer, but I don't think he spent much time in Montana. The Tobacco Root mountain range is not that close to Manhattan. The Bridger Range is much closer.

    I didn't know there was more to the story. I went back and started to read it. Quite interesting.
  3. Nice article. Will have to finish reading it later.
  4. Thanks for posting. I had the pleasure of dealing directly with Tom years ago when he was at Winston. I was interested in building a small stream rod, but wasn't sure which Winston I wanted to build. Tom took the time to talk to me and even mailed out a finished rod for me to try. I love the 7'4" 4wt that I wound up with.

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  5. Thanks for posting the link Matt. What an amazingly touching, bittersweet story and a reminder that one day, each of us will only be able to look back at memories of the time we spent on the water. A poignant reminder to live every day in the moment.

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  6. Wow..........

    Gees........just Wow.............

  7. This about sums up my reaction as well.
  8. He's obviously an amazing guy. My father-in-law succumbed from complications relating to MS about 6 years ago, so I know how debilitating that disease can be. The fact that Morgan has figured out a way to live a very meaningful life despite what has happened to him is a testament to human courage. His wife is pretty amazing too!
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  9. His wife truly is an incredible person.
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