Ever save a fish from spinning gear?

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  1. Went camping for the last 10 days at a eastern Washington lake and took my pontoon boat to get some fishing in. The fishing was good overall and I got allot of experience in lake fishing in. A few days into the trip I was trolling and saw in the water at a distance two round items fluttering in the water and I could not make out what it was before it disappeared. Two days later I again saw it in the same spot but saw it was a trout dragging some spinning gear, it looked like two spinner blades with heavy swivels. I could not get to the fish before it went deep. The next day in the same spot I again saw it and was in a better spot so I turned hard over and mended my line over the fish and snagged the line. I finally got the fish in after a good fight, I figured he would be tired from dragging the gear around but he was full of spunk. He must of been hooked awhile because he had a rust strip on his lip. He was about 14 to 15 inches long and fat. The other end of the spinning gear had 50 feet of 10 or 12 pound test line on it and tangled in the weeds. Has any one else ever had something like this happen?
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  2. Fairly common with fly gear. Pulled quite a few flies from fish.

    I suspect there are far too many fly fishermen using small tippet sizes.
  3. Sorta. I was at Coffeepot this spring fishing late in the evening. I was kicking along the bank near the creek when I saw a strike indicator in the water. I reached down to grab it and it swam away! I saw it appear several more times in the next few minutes but could not get close enough to grab it. I tied a weighted fly on my line and cast just in front of it on the next pass. I hooked the indicator and after a short fight brought a 16'' hen to the net that was full of eggs. She had taken a red bead chironomid probably earlier in the day. The guy had jammed the toothpick so far into the indicator that I was easily able to fight and land the fish without it slipping.

    No doubt he told his buds he broke off a monster but it was barely 16".

  4. Seen steelhead dragging bobbers around before. Wasn't able to keep the line hooked to unhook them though.
  5. I was at bush Pt.a few years ago when a a guy on the morning shift broke a fish off, loosing his fly. Then four hours later later a regular lands a nice coho with a buzz bomb and its got Ron's fly in the corner of his mouth.

    He sticks the fly in his hat and when Ron comes down for the evening bite George walks up and says you land any fish today? Ron wore that fly the rest of the week haha.
  6. I find alot of bigger fish with small egg hooks in the throat or corner of the mouth. I assume its from powerbait and the line is weak and snapped on the big fish. I do my best to cut away as much line as possible from the mouth/throat and back in the water it goes. They cant be bothered too bad, they still take my fly with hooks and line coming out of their heads.
  7. A few years ago I saw a bobber swimming around Silver Lake. I started chasing it around (it kept running away from me every time I'd get close) and finally caught up when it got tired. Carefully, I removed the hook and made sure the fish swam away ok. Ever the good Samaritan, I took the setup over to the dock to try and find its owner. I found its owner. He was pissed, wanting to know where the hell his fish was.
  8. Saw someone catch a Lenice fish that had one of the poly stringer lines though the gill plate. It had been there a while from the scarring around the stringer line. The stringer was removed and the swam away.

  9. A few years ago on the Cedar river, I hooked a nice fish and, as I got it closer to me, I saw a large foam indicator on my line that wasn't there when I cast. It turned out that my fly had hooked a foam bobber that was attached to about 3 feet of monofilament line, which ended in a snap swivel and a snelled bait hook, which, in turn, was deep in the fishes belly. The fish was strong, and I snipped the line as deep as I could reach in its mouth and it swam off.
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  10. i once had a fish come up to a dry in a river, a nice 16" or so bow. i thought it took the dry but when i landed it there was a blue fox spinner stuck in its jaw and i had actually hooked the O ring holding the treble hook to the lure when i set the hook. blue fox was removed and given to a spin fisher buddy and the fish was released just fine.
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  11. Twice in a single season at Pt D, have removed flashers from king salmon, i caught them by hand as i snuck the boat up on them, of course the flashers went into the tackle box and the fish went into the fish box.
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  12. In NM i was next to a kid that hooked a big rainbow that somehow has a bottle of floatant attached to it by some tippet. We didn't have a clue how that happened
  13. I once saw a seagull that had hooked its foot and was wrapped in fishing line and stuck to a log. I waded over and expected a pretty heavy fight but it seemed to figure out that I was going to help. I cut the line away and it floated down river. It was pretty weak from the experience.
  14. Last year I picked up a rainbow that had a hook still baited with powerbait coming out of its anus, leader through its intestines etc, and lead/leader out its mouth. quick surgery...and sent it on its way.
  15. caught a fish at pass with leader and swivel hanging out the back, my chironomid hooked right through the swivel and i reeled him in backwards, felt bad for the fish cause im sure that couldnt have felt very good
  16. Was slinging gear in a spot on Whidbey and had a nice 10lb silver on. Broke me off, I had it right up to the beach too. The next day I went back to the same spot and saw a guy carrying a big silver out. I asked him if he had a spinner in its mouth that matched the one on my rod I was carrying. Sure enough he said ya and asked me if I wanted my spinner back.
  17. I've rescued several fish over the years, but one of my favorites was an occasional popping indicator that stayed in the same area on one of my favorite local haunts. After several casts in an attempt to hook up with the indicator I gave up and started fishing vertical with my own indicator nearby. 10 minutes later my indicator dips, I set the hook and the fight is on and then it is on again. The fish I hooked managed what I couldn't, and it wrapped itself around the indicator with the other fish on it. I landed my fish, and then grabbed the line with the other fish on it, but it wouldn't pull up. The fish was wrapped around a large branch and after some effort I was finally able to work the branch off the bottom without breaking the line. Even though the lake is a selective water fishery the hook was obviously a bait hook but the indicator was a traditional fly fishing indicator.

    Now my favorite rescued fish though was the one someone rescued for me on Pass one day. I was trolling and hadn't secured my rod and sure enough a fish hit and torn the rod over the side. I dredged the area for about 45 minutes and then gave up. About an hour and half later in a different area of the lake I watch a guys indicator dive and I holler it out to him. He sets the hook but the fish is acting real weird. He starts to bring it in but he halls up a line instead, my line! The fish is still attached and so is the rod and reel. I let him count that fish and then I gave him one of my best home brews.
  18. I was fishing a coastal put and take lake with a state campground attached last year. They put a bunch of HUGE fish in here, 7 pound average as well as even more 3-4 pounder. I was having a great day so far, catching 20 or so fish at 16" or bigger. I'm trolling a leech on an intermediate line and look over at a mom and her 10 year old son plunking powerbait when a fish takes their bate and the rod, which was propped up by a stick shoved in the ground, flies off into the lake. They are freaking out so I turn my float tube and head over toward them and yell to them that I'll grab the rod for them if I can. The foam handle is bobbing up and down just under the surface as I near it. At the same time, I'm winding in my line and get a strike. I set the hook on that and keep my rod high, continuing to kick backward until I reach their rod. i grab that out of the water and now have a rod in each and with a heavy fish on each while trying to make it to shore to hand them their rod. I manage to reach shore with both fish on, pass off their rod and land my fish of about 4 pounds. I release mine and watch as the kid finally nets his. Well the lucky bastard had hooked one of the 7 pounders, largest fish of his life by a long shot. Then they bonked the fish.

    So I guess I didn't save a fish from spinning gear, rather a saved spinning gear from a fish.
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