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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Old Man, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. Geez, Jim! I really hope you get over this as quickly as possible; sounds nasty!
  2. I just hope the rest of you old farts don't come up with it. It seems like it's a old man thing. I know several that have had a few bouts with it. I'm going to try and stay away from it for now on.
  3. Good plan! Good luck.
  4. hang in there Jim, hope you're feeling better.
  5. Further evidence that gettin' old ain't for sissies. Hang in the OMJ. I understand that if you drink enough whiskey you'll feel better.

  6. I only had one bad episode and that was six months ago. Not even a minor tingling since. But I still have the oversized Nikes I bought at that time, just in case it flairs up again.;)

    I'm 35. I've met a few other guys under 40 who've had it.
  7. No shellfish
  8. Best health wishes to you.....but did you have to mention the Head of Bloody Dick creek....just seems :oops:
  9. Thanks, Old Man...I needed something else to worry about.

    Let me tell you about my run-in with shingles, or the grape sized hemorrhoid I had removed in '04 (got that one in a jar in the camper to show you in case we ever go fishin...great campfire conversation piece) .....or my gallstones, kidney stones, bladder stones, inguinal hernia, or naval fistula. I got more, if yer interested!
  10. My Dr. only has me take the Colchicine during active flare ups. If I take that med every 8 hrs. starting at the first sign of a flare up, its usually over in 2-3 days. Because of some of the other meds I'm on, I'm fairly prone to gout, but 300mg/day of Allopurinol mostly keeps it at bay.
  11. This Allopurinol your on, does it give you the runs. When I went into the Hospital, they shoved so many pills down me. I don't really know what they were all for. One of the horse pills they gave to me , I was told would give you the runs. And they were right.
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  12. I honestly don't know what the devil they prescribed for my gout. It was years ago and it was a tiny white pill. It worked great and I didn't have the unfortunate side effect that you have Jim.

    Of course the warning that came with the med indicated the usual side effects could be headaches, muscle pain, nausea, blurred vision, loss of memory, depression, anxiety, fungal disease, hallucinations, tuberculosis, The Black Plague, Klingon Flu, growing a third arm, adopting a pet wolf and in some cases, death. But nothing about diarrhea. :)

    Seriously, Jim, I'd call your Doc and asked if there was something else you can take.

    Gout really, really, really sucks. In the old days, they figured that eating organ meats caused it (and I think the cheapo jerky I was eating was made from organ meat) but nowadays, some folks react to a number of different foods and drink. Once you figure that out, you avoid whatever causes the flare-ups. Some people get it once and never again. Others are not so lucky. Beer or any manner of booze can cause it for some folks. Some say eating shellfish causes their gout to show up. And yes, some meds can also cause it. ... if the side effect of the med doesn't kill you first.
  13. I'm feeling better now but that bout with the back door trots kind of did me in. Just starting to get some strength back. Should be up and running next week for sure. I'm itching to get back out there. Sitting around doing nothing is boring. Got to do a follow up with my Doctor next week and try to find out what was all the pills they poked down me.
  14. Good for you. It sounds like you're heading in the right direction.
  15. I just got out of the hospital yesterday after six days as their guest. It was the shits, literally. After six days we still don't have a firm diagnosis. It is either Crohn's Disease, or some strange bacteriological infection of my digestive tract which may or may not have something to do with the fact that I spent 3 years as an infant in the Congo. My diet has now advanced from the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) to grilled cheese sandwiches. Life is good!!
  16. OMJ: My former mentor and fishing friend used to complain about gout. If I remember correctly it seemed to flare up more during the hot summer. Soooo, maybe more relief is on the way. My friend's idea of AC was to soak a t-shirt and socks in cold water, put them on, sit in front of a fan, to finally get a chill.

    Get better and go fishing.
  17. The Allopurinol that I take is a fairly standard sized orange colored round tablet. I take one 300mg pill/day and have never had any side effects from it. It has cut the number of outbreaks I get in half, despite some of the other meds I'm on for other issues being known triggers of a rise in uric acid (the cause of gout). I have no idea what the med costs, as I get it from Madigan pharmacy (retired military).
  18. Talk about expensive stays... I found out my inpatient bill before cigna does its thing is nearly $25k. That doesn't count the ambulance ride, cost of professionals since then, and the future appointments. F the $... but just sayin'...
  19. The costs mentioned here for hospital visits and medical care is really alarming to me. I try to avoid injuring myself, since I have no insurance.
    Sometimes, though, an accident sneaks up and nails you. I always avoid an ambulance ride if possible (only had one, back in 1975 when I broke 2 ribs and suffered a collapsed lung when bodysurfing heavy crunchers on a crowded day), and usually try to avoid going to the doctor or to hospitals. Hospitals can kill you!

    I'll probably start investigating my options for coverage under the "Affordable Care Act" starting in Oct, so I can sign up 1st thing in Jan.

    Yesterday I ran into a surf bro of mine who was limping and walking with an improvised cane. He had taken a trip to the emergency room Fri nite. He was messing around with a campfire on the beach at a small gathering, wearing flip-flops, when a large flaming ember landed on top of his right foot. It stuck there, burning him badly! He jumped away, but stumbled, spraining his right ankle, and fell on the fire, burning a large area on the back of his left thigh.
    The burn on top of his foot was very bad...3rd degree, and it had a bunch of beach sand in it. The burn on the back of his thigh was bad, too, with some spots of 3rd degree. The emergency room nurse who helped treat him had treated many burn victims before, and told him that the burn on the top of his foot was one of the worst burns that she has ever had to help clean up.
    He hasn't gotten the bill yet. I don't think he has insurance. He's not surfing again for a while.
    That could have been avoided by wearing shoes, or being more careful when messing with the campfire.
  20. My wife had ambulance transport from Whidbey Island General to Providence in Everett last April. That involved a ferry ride. Insurance is still negotiating, so we haven't seen the bill. On the bright side, wife is just fine now. They took great care of her at Providence.

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