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  1. Bummer Jim! Hope you're feeling better now.. I got on a gout study about a year and a half ago and get medicines for free and paid for the study. I rarely get a flare anymore and can drink too! Hang in there!!
  2. Back in 1965 or so. I got hurt pretty bad when I was working at Boeing. I had a wing skin panel dropped on my head. I was told that it looked like somebody hit me in the head with an axe. Back to the ambulance ride. I told them to take me to Northwest Hospital. We the stupid driver got lost and we ended up at Northgate hospital. I was laying flat on my back going in and out of being awake. I had to tell him how to get to the right place. It was rough not being able to see the road. We finally got there. I did end up in Seattle at a good hospital.

    This is not something I would do over. It was all covered on Workmans Comp. It never cost me a thing. I missed a month of work and ended up with a better job. The drugs were wonderful.
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  3. Oh...oh...oh!!! .... that explains a lot now ! :p
  4. I ended up with a 15% disability. Now you all know why I'm a little off on some things and have CRS(can't remember shit) syndrome.

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