Explain it to me like I'm 105: Gobbler's Knob

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by astrofisher, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. astrofisher

    astrofisher Clear Skies

    Will a 9' 5wt get the job done?
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  2. Jason Rolfe

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  3. Steve Saville

    Steve Saville Active Member

    Depends on what you are fishing for and where.
  4. Porter

    Porter Active Member

    You want it explained to you like your 105 uh? Ok, I'll give it to you,...well a fly rod is......um, wait!!... If I told you would you even remember?
  5. Porter

    Porter Active Member

    not sure .... Gobblers is @ Mt. Rainier...lakes up there like George, but this is saltwater forum so I'm stumped a hair here?
  6. Steve Saville

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  7. Nick Clayton

    Nick Clayton Active Member

    Probably not the right forum for knob gobbling advice.
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