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  1. I have been thinking about getting an exterior rod holder to travel from spot to spot with an assembled rod. I had decided that Sumo magnets seemed to be the way to go due to the suction design having some issues in cold weather, then I heard that Sumo was having problems with their magnets. So I was looking and came across a magnetic rod holder from Tight Line which seemed about the same as the Sumo but a little cheaper in price. My questions are is there validity in regards to Sumo having problems with their magnets? Opinions on Sumo verus Tight-Line? Thanks
  2. I have the Tight Line rod rack. It's worked great for me. I have no experience with the Sumo.
  3. SUMO just upgraded the cups in their suction mounts. The new cups are solid! They claim it fixed the cold weather issue. I can't comment yet as it's not cold enough to put them through the test.
  4. I mounted two ten foot PVC tubes to my car, then epoxied a tool box to them. Flip open the toolbox and slide them in and the reel sit in the toolbox. Works great and its cheap. I evened painted the PVC to look like a rainbow trout. Its a lot more ghetto and redneck, but its also cheaper
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  5. Thanks to all for the comments,they are appreciated.
  6. Probably not the best plan available, and one of those AW CRAP not well thought out scenarios. I have always thought that those surf fishermen that have a row of plastic pipe attached to the front bumper of their beach buggy with several fifty foot rods sticking vertically into the air, was a bit of overkill also.
  7. I know this isn't what you asked for, but I came across this on a truck forum in my own search for a more permanent rod mount. It's well done and looks good--credit goes to PistolPete.

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  8. I don't worry about rod holders. I just buy a rig that lets you fit a rod in it all together. Like my Subaru was and now my Pick-me-up. I just stick it in the back and poke my set up rod through the back window. Works just fine with a 9' rod.

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