Extreme skin rod handles

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Porter, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. Looks kinda weird but the material is pretty cool. It really does get more grippy when its wet.
  2. The ad copy makes me hate it.
  3. Many of my gear rods have carbon fiber handles. Although I initially wasn't sure of them, I have grown to love them. I like the look of this new rod but I would not be ready to abandon quality cork on my fly rods
  4. It kind of looks like the rubber coating that they use on the power feeder cables on Airplanes.
  5. Most fly fishing ad copy turns me off. The fly fishing as an "action sport" thing is lost on me.
  6. I guess I have my feet in cement. I like cork.
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  7. I wonder if the new trend in synthetic fly rod grips is a response to the possibility that demand is outstripping the supply of decent cork.
  8. I agree, but it's just funny to think of a company trying to start a new trend. Even if it's a cost-cutting component substitution, you first have to market it on your highest end product. No one's going to be the first to rock an experimental, but dorky looking product, unless it's hyped up and carries a hefty price tag.
  9. has anyone tried it?
  10. At least it's not red.......

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