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  1. This summer, Lord willing I am wanting to take a few days with my wife and go fishing.
    I am not a hard corps fisherman.. I do love to fly fish when I am able and for me "anything caught" is a day remembered. With that said, I am asking for anyone's advice on where to go.. My personal desire would be to go to the Deschutes (have never been there) and stay In a motel or cabin somewhere where we can be close to fishable water.. a place where we can drive there and walk to rivers edge, wade in if needed and fish, if that scenario is possible ?. I am interested in their red side rainbows ? are there best times to fish the Deschutes during summer months?

    I am hopeful that some of you on the list have yourself done something similar on the Deschutes river or elsewhere not so far away and can give me some advice so I can start planning and saving up now for a much needed few days with my wife just relaxing and maybe catch a fish or two.

    I am open to any suggestions, fishing on rivers or lakes, staying in a rental cabin or motel. Unfortunately my budget would not allow for a fancy fishing lodge or guided fish trip, We are looking at just going out together on our own.

    One place that was suggested to me was a place called 3 lakes lodge in Kettle Falls WA. anyone ever gone there , stayed there , how was the fishing ? I see they no longer allow private gear, boats etc to be used. Not even your own waders,,, due to zebra mussels ,, so I am curious as to how you fish and enjoy it without wading or using a float tube, boat etc. Maybe standing along lake edge? The price is reasonable if there is fish to be caught.

    Thank you for any suggestions,

    Ron in" raining and cold" Raymond, WA.
  2. If it were me and I was with my wife I would go to Bend, OR. Bend has lots of fishing opportunitys close to town and has some nice rental homes available. Sun River, La Pine all have homes to rent. Then rent a boat at Craine prairie and go after the big trout or fish the upper deschutes.
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  3. I second the sun river house rental. we used to rent one with hot tub and bikes, bike trails all around and fishing in every direction with plenty for the family to do.

    Fall river
    upper D.
    little D
    east lake
    lava - little lava
    The list goes on.

    Take a half day and cruise century drive with the family = beautiful!
  4. Ron, Three Lakes sounds pretty nice for a relatively inexperienced fly fisherman. And very peaceful as well with nice cabins that might be just the ticket for you and your wife. You can fish from the bank there as well as use the floating docks with trolling motors on them so getting around is easy. There are nice fish in those lakes that I am sure management would help you get into.

    I haven't been there myself but have seen TV programs that were filmed there and always wanted to go. I would contact them if you are interested and get some first hand information to help you make your decision.

    The Deschutes is a more technical fishery and can be a real zoo in the summer months. Rafters by the hundreds splash and giggle their way downstream every day but the evenings are usually quiet and some of the days best fishing is either at dawn or the last couple of hours of daylight in the evening. If you go to the Deschutes I would recommend a guide for the first day. He will take a huge chunk out of the learning curve and make the rest of your stay much easier and more productive.

    Wherever you go-enjoy, and thanks for your service.

  5. If you're not dedicated to river fishing, East Lake Resort at East Lake in Oregon has very nice, yet rustic, cabins on the lake front. The resort rents fishing boats if you don't have a floating device yourself.

    There's also a small café at the resort and cabins with kitchens.

    Virginia, our dog and I have spent many fishing vacations at East Lake Resort.
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  6. I second this one! There are also a great number of resorts in the Kamloops area of BC that have great fishing and don't cost too much.
  7. I've been thinking of taking the family to Sun Valley, ID. Looks like there's a few nice cutthroat streams in the vicinity. If I were taking a beginner I'd be looking for someplace to throw dries to eager cutties.
  8. +1. Bend has some much to do. Just some random thoughts...if your into swimming, the Juniper Swimming complex is fantastic for all ages. Plenty of bicycling opportunities too. The restaurants and microbrews are very good. Tumalo Creeks Falls is a good little hike and the creek has some fishing above and below the Falls while you're there.
  9. So far I have looked up all the suggestions given so far.. Thank You, I welcome your input... I have been fishing with my single hand 5 and 8wt fly rods for a half dozen years,my downfall is that I just haven't had the chance to get out and about much farther than Pacific County WA. except a few times to fish the Cowlitz
    This site HOODOO"S Crescent Lake Resort looks like a possibility?, seems to have things for family to do also , price seems reasonable , the big question is how's the fishing? Thank you again, Semper Fi
  10. I've never heard that Crescent is a great flyfishing lake... except in November when the browns move into the shallows. One advantage of staying there is a short drive to the primary Century Drive lakes that are known for holding large trout that takes flies.

    You may also want to look up Twin Lakes Resort.

    We've used the resort as a home base for fishing the Century Drive lakes because it puts you very close to the major fisheries... plus, Twin can be very good for flyfishing.
  11. I see from your member info that you must be from Ohio, I'd recommend the Mahoning River
  12. Hi Jim
    Born in Franklin Ohio, now live in WA.
  13. I've stayed at the resort a few times, and fished a bit at Crescent Lake. I wouldn't consider the fishing stellar, but you will catch fish if you try. Rent a boat and troll, or cast into shore in the evenings. Very possible from the beach too, especially at creek mouths near the lodge. The shore opposite the resort holds fish & isn't a terrible row. If you choose this option, be SURE you hit the Chestnut Cottage (in PA) for breakfast, early and often. Well worth the wake up drive.

    But, Bend is a great family getaway. The fishing I've tried in the area (river primarily) is fairly technical and to wary educated fish. Crane Prairie would be a good bet if you wrangle a floatie.
    Kamloops - Silly that I've never gone. Likely the best fishing overall within a thousand miles, rivers and lakes.

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