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  1. It seems most of the people I know, do or have participated in some sort of these fantasy sports team things... Since I fish, and
    don't really follow sports closely, I've decided to make up my own version of the game. So jump in if you want to participate.

    Fantasy Fly Fishing Team

    How to play
    -Pick any 5 WFF members for your team.

    -Any photos your team members post in their FFFT gallery of fish caught between 05/01/08 until 07/31/08 will be counted for points based on the scale below.

    -Players may not have the exact team, at least one member must be different.

    -The player with the most points at the end will win a prize. (Some flies and a fly fishing dvd)

    -Your team must be chosen by 05/05/08 (No edits allowed on your team pick post after that date)

    -You can pick yourself to be on your team, but will only receive half of designated points for your fish.


    -If there are multiple photos of the same fish, only one can be counted for points

    -The fish must be caught in between the designated time periods. ( no photos scans from the early 90's)

    * Photos with just the fish solo, Example: in your hand, in the water or across the legs in a float tube will have to count for half points.

    -The fish must be caught on Fly fishing gear.

    -All fish must be mature (No Smolt photos for points)

    -Fish must be alive and released unharmed. (Gilled or dead fish do not count.)

    -In the event of a tie at the end of the game, the next player to have any of their members score points for them wins.

    - Players must keep track of your own teams points. Points will be verified at the end of the game.

    Points Scale (Arguing about the point scale because you prefer a certain species of fish is useless.)

    1 point
    Pike minnow, Suckers, Chub, Bluegill, Crappie, Perch, Shad, Whitefish, Sculpin, Shiners

    2 points
    Rainbow, Cutt, Brookie, Bass, Grayling, Arctic Char

    3 points
    Browns, Golden trout, Dollie/Bull, SRC, Pike, Resident Silvers. Peacock Bass, Snook, Catfish, Kokanee, Barracuda, Rockfish,

    4 points
    Salmon, Steelhead, Carp, Walleye, Sheefish, Bonefish, Redfish, Jack/trevally, Yellowtail/Amberjack, Ling,

    5 points
    Any of the ABOVE fish over 5lbs. Add 5 Points to the base score.( example: 10lb Kokanee 3+5=10pts)

    10 points
    Tuna, Roosters, Billfish, Wahoo, Tarpoon, Permit, Barramundi, GT"S, Shark, Taimen, Mahseer, Muskie,

    * Unlisted Species will count for 1point until decided where to place on the point scale...

    Any edits in the rules will be marked with a red *
  2. Can I pick myself :p ? I can catch a lot of 5 pound salmon for a dvd :)
  3. Do you want us to post picks in this thread or pm you?
  4. Move carp to 1 or 2 points.
    A carp can't be worth as many points as a steelhead :rofl:
  5. Do I understand this correctly?
    World record 5lb. Bluegill = 6 points
    5lb. Brookie = 7 points
    Smaller-than-average Steelhead = 9 points
  6. Can we get bonefish in there? :D
  7. You can pick yourself, but your photos only count for half the points.

    You can post links to your scoring photos in this thread. Posting the pics would make it to much to load.

    Most people in Washington have caught more Steel on the fly than they have carp.

    the point system is not perfect... but i doubt anyone is gonna catch a world record bluegill in the next three months. if they do point scale will be adjusted. but only if it igfa.

    Bone fish added to points system.
  8. OK, I really don't care one way or the other - but here are some questions that may come up, and we might as well deal with them now instead of later...

    Are you really going to trust fisherman (especially some from this site) to acurately report the weight of their fish? Is this on an honor's system? Can the weight be contested and who will be the judge?

    Since this is WFF, why not just limit this to species in WA? Some dude could just take a vacation and hire some guide to get him into a massive sailfish, some boners, etc and really clean house.

    Related to that, are guided fish worth the same points as non-guided?
    What about rod hand-offs?

    How about buck tailing? Nymphing vs swinging? Beading? Flossing? Juiced glow bugs?

    Lose points for natives out of water? Fish on rocks pics?
  9. Sounds fun - but do you really want me to photograph and post my 50+ bluegill days?

    Middle of June we tend to sit on the dock drinking beer and rollcasting prince nymphs. It you don't have a hit within 5 or 6 mini-strips then you did something wrong.

    Stonehead - have you tried targeting carp on the fly? They may not be as sexy as steelhead, but that doesn't mean they're easy :)
  10. My fairy tale fishing team:

  11. Actually, I think most people just brag more about the steel and aren't shy about showing the pics as they would be with one of those ugly mud sucking water pigs. Just sayin...
  13. I propose that in order to qualify for points, any photo uploaded during this period must have the date and location included.
  14. I don't think anyone's going to "clean house" that way. Two 5 pound carp or ten bluegill earn as many points as a sailfish and are a hell of a lot easier to come by on a regular basis during the contest period.
  15. Stonehead? That might catch on........
    Yes, I've done my fair share of angling for the golden bonefish. I have nothing against fish with lips.
    How's the steelie fishing in Arkansas? ;)
  16. Common Chad, I got some air miles saved for just such an event. At least it would be fun loosing.
  17. Who is the judge? Is there a moderator that should be assigned that isn't involved with one of the teams (sleeping with, best buddies, broke back buddies, on the team, etc)?

    So any 5lb + carp I catch, I get 19 points? That's like taking candy from a little girl. I don't need a 'handicap' if I decide to play :cool:
  18. whomever goes to Christmas Island and takes pics will win.
  19. How do you figure? Regardless of how many points someone gets during their 5 day/6 night fishing trip in Xmas versus 3 months of fishing at home, it's a FANTASY FISHING TEAM. You can pick whoever you want for your team and if you pick yourself, YOUR FISH ONLY COUNT FOR HALF POINTS.
  20. 1. doughty- cuz hes sexy, and he catches alot of lil browns:) they count for something..
    2. matney- daily dose of brown for kevin jb, it'll add up!
    3. kevin j b- cuz he's moppin up the seeps, you better keep heading out there:) - (matney. keep ribbin him)
    4. d3smartie-cuz src time is around the corner, and a boat always helps:) come on d3 , i need a 24" ,5 pounder:)
    5. last but not least,not me cuz i wanna win, so yard' your it!
    sorry old man- smolts dont count but your in my thoughts:) heehe
    do me proud boys!

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