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  1. My all-time favorite fiberglass rod, a Fenwick 8.5 foot/6weight, was last seen as it sunk below the surface of Black Lake on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. It was accompanied by a Medalist 1495. Anyone ever come across this rod?
  2. oh man that hurts. My fave is a 6'6" rod I had built to celebrate my retirement from paid working. It's a
    four piece Great Bay blank. The reel seat is made from Eastern Oregon juniper. It's a great rod.
  3. I have many favorite glass rods! I primarily own three digit Fenwicks from the FF705 to the FF909. I'm primarily a steelheader so my 7,8,9wts do the majority of my fishing. The FF856 you previously owned, is also among my collection and it is also a great steelhead rod with a 6wt Ambush line and waking flies. I also recently stumbled upon a Sage SFL 789 (8'9" 7wt) and love this rod. Since it's my latest glass acquisition, I've been using it alot lately.

  4. I still have and sometimes use my first fly rod, an 8' Phillipson. Slower than bamboo, but tons of fun with a fish on! I also have some Lami glass too.
  5. I was using this exact setup this weekend. Not yours though, sorry lol.

    I literally have a ton of old glass rods. Since I assume you mean fly rods I'll go that route. My favorite is a Fenwick FF858. Caught my first fly caught steelhead on it over 33 years ago. Still take it out on trips.
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  6. Yes, I was thinking fly rods. Of course, almost every rod I had in the late 60's and 70's were Fenwicks. I still have a shorter 6 weight model . Had to replace the cork but everything else original. All my surf casting/spinning rods were Fenwicks. 9 footers and 12 footers.
  7. I would take a 60's Shakespeare Wonderrod if I could find one.
  8. Here's the rod in use on Saturday.

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  9. Anyone familiar with the Scott "chocolate brown" fiberglass rods/blanks from the seventies? I made a 5 piece 6 weight and still have and use it. A very sweet rod - absolutely a pleasure to cast. IMG_0997.jpg
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  10. Jack, you need to visit the Fiberglass Flyrodders forum. There are loads of glass rod geeks like you and me there: http://fiberglassflyrodders.com/forum/

    Back to the rods, my favorite glass rods are a fistful from Wojnicki and Steffen, one Scott, and a Kabuto. All are modern glass rods made by currently active makers who are innovating with materials and tapers. I also have rods on order from Larry Kenney (co-founder of Scott, and very likely had his hands on that Scott you have pictured above) and Tom Morgan (legendary Winston co-owner and rod designer who has a new line of glass rods available). There has never been a better time for glass rods.
  11. I looked at the Fiberglass Flyrodders Forum and will get into it more when I have the time.
    Any discussion of fiberglass rods should include the offerings from Hardy. I've been using a Hardy "Brook" which is a 6' 3 weight. The instant I take it in my hand I just can't help smiling. What a pleasure to use.
  12. Favorite that I have is probably the common FF 806 but a Steffen 6' 3wt is gaining fast. About twelve years ago I threw a FF 705 (FF 755? not sure now) that friend had borrowed for our annual trip. I will never forget how sweet it was. Butter as they say. I don't have vast experience with glass though. More like halfvast.
    I lurk on the FiberglassFlyrodders website occasionally. It's a good place, when you can't be here. Lugan is one of the usual suspects.
  13. Love my Scott F2 653 and Steffen 5/6!
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  14. I have that same F2, and it is great, though I don't like the 774 due to a too-wimpy tip. The 5wt suffers the same issue by most owners I've read reviews from.

    Steffen 8'0" 5/6 is, on the other hand, perfection in a mid-length all-around rod. If I had to sell all my rods save, one, this would be the rod I'd keep. And my opinion is not alone. That rod wins the annual "one rod" poll on FFR for three years running.
  15. Jerry, love those reverse full wells grips with down locking reel seat...don't see the down locking reel seats on new rods today but think they are great for 6-7 weights. And your cork looks pretty dang good too, better than a lot of stuff today....Nice Fen! :)
  16. That fiberglass rod in my avatar is my old FF857..a rather big honking rod for mountain trout, but it casts quite well with an SA sharkskin line. It's pristine, though I've been fishing with it for almost 40 years. My theory is that it allows me to hoist the little SOB's outta the water and unhook'em so fast that mortality is substanially reduced. Always enjoyed selecting the right fly and location for a presentation, the hunt, and successfully setting the hook more satisfying than the fight anyway.

    My favorite fiberglass pole is long gone...one of those yellow Eagle Claws...a victim of a good dog that decided that being tied up in camp, whilst I rambled in the woods, merited biting the butt section in two halves. She was right. I'd much rather I had her back, than the rod.
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  17. I have three glass Fenwicks that are probably the best as to casting action of the half-dozen I own. However, my new personal favorite is a six foot Herter that I've had for about 45 years. It's a fairy wand of just 1 3/4 ounces, with double aluminum sliding band/small cigar reel seat. The factor that kept me from appreciating it is that it was rated as a five-weight. With that line, it's as slow and spineless as a UN peacekeeper. But recently, I tested it with a four-weight line, then with a three, then with a two. And it flexes properly with all of them! Now it's getting the exercise on small streams that it was made for. (In Herter's partial defense, few rods were rated for less than No. 5 lines in that era. Like me, it probably never occurred to them to test it with lighter lines.)
  18. I have several, but this is one of my favorites
  19. Zen, I have a never-fished 1953 wonderod I would be happy to trade you something for...
  20. Speaking of Scott, I totally forgot I won the F2

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