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  1. I think we should have a glass get together sometime. I'd host at my place (north Seattle) if people were interested. There is a roomy park directly across the street where we could BBQ, covertly drink some cold ones and have a fiberglass rod show and tell.
  2. I'm down. But only if others apply. I just don't know you well enough for a date yet.
  3. Great idea. My Summer schedule is pretty full but after Labor Day things settle down quite a bit.
  4. As we get closer we can plan something out. I'll make apple empanadas, which might be enough to entice Jack Devlin to come to this side of the water. Hopefully we can get Lugan and tonemike too as they are huge glass heads.

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  5. I'm out of town the weekend after labor day for my birthday camping/fishing trip to Mt. Rainier but the next weekend would work for me. Call it Saturday September 14. I'll follow up later on, but I'm going to plan for that. Anyone is invited, but there will be a bring a minimum of 1 fiberglass rod entrance fee :D
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  6. That's good. Because I only have the one glass rod right now. I've made four but the one I have was getting all the use. So I gave the others to friends and family. Two have only been used a couple of times. Most folks are more interested in catching than fishing.

    The other three were made from rouge Conolon blanks that I bought cheap at a weird sort of fishing DIY salvage store that only had it's doors open for a short while. Nice idea, small demographic. Those rods were nice enough, but my Lami is better on the small stream I was using it on (see avatar). This gathering is exciting for me because I'd like to see what others have done with available blanks. I want to build a faster action rod and this could be a chance to debut the options and meet others of like interest. Oh, And I've never had my hands on a vintage Fenwick Feralite. With this kind of gathering, who knows?
  7. I may have a couple Fenwicks I could bring. :)
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  8. I'm in too Gary, I think. Unless I have trip or game duty with my HS B'baller.
    Can bring a couple each Fenwicks and Steffens.
  9. Gary, that's a great idea. I can bring a fistful of rods from Steffen, Wojnicki, Scott, Morgan, Kenney, McFarland. Let me know the details when the time draws nearer.
  10. How about guys who aren't exactly glass heads but are interested in casting some quality glass to discover more about what glass has to offer. Can we come too?

  11. I'm hoping someone will bring a KABUTO!
  12. I'll really welcome anyone, I can handle up to about 10 people at my place pretty easily. More than that will get a little cramped.

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  13. Me too! I also really want to get my hands on an epic fast glass rod.

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  14. Jack,
    I'd love to bring a couple Kabuto's to the "show and tell" but I'll be fishing in Wyoming on Sept. 14th.
    If things change I'd like to attend. Sounds like a good time.
  15. Gary
    If it grows to more than ten, let's just meet in the park and hang out. No need to make this a burden.
    Think I can bring a Sage along too.
  16. I'm a host by nature. I like holding gatherings and making a meal for friends and soon to be friends. That is what I had in mind, but we can definitely just meet up and hang out.

    As for me, I have 1 old glass rod at the moment and hopefully I'll be done building 1 and refurbishing another by then.
  17. I may have a steelhead camp around the 14th. But if I'm able to make it I'll bring a few Fenwicks in 6 through 10.
  18. Sounds good. I'll start a thread with prospective dates.

    Jerry, I'll have a 5 weight Fenwick that I'm rebuilding at the moment for show too.
  19. Just offering to host is generous. I thought I might suggest a pot luck kind of thing. Even if you like it, it's expensive to make food for five or ten people. I also like to cook. My wife and I use to run a small restaurant. Small as in we were the only employees. Most fun I ever had losing money ;)
  20. I make cheap food that turns out deliciously ;) I don't get fancy like Jerry D, but I can hold my own. We'll see how the numbers shake out. If it is going to be 15 people, I probably won't cook a full meal for everyone, but 10 or less than I'm good with.

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