favorite fly of the year???

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Eric Denny, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. For me it is a tie between a brown+yellow Space Invader and a white conehead Zonker. Montana is turning me into one of those streamer people.
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  2. I hate to say it but Orange Stimulator
  3. Again this year it is a size 12-14 Halfback fished on a full sink line deep and slow. So many big fish, such tiny flies.

  4. Size 16 Parachute Adams but a very close runner up was a size 12 Partridge and Orange, both produced some nice trout for me.

  5. It walks a very greasy line between the two
  6. scuuulllllpins.
  7. Same as it has been for several years....Olive Willy.
  8. Sculpzilla.
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  9. Magic comet in cerise. Multiples of three salmon species in the salt with that guy...possibly a fourth??? Second is the chartreuse over pink clouser, but the only fish I got on that thing this year took me 150 yards into my 30 lb. backing, and then snapped it...taking my fly line along. An expensive but awesome memory of a 2013 that's been good to me.

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  10. Amys%20Ant%20040.jpg Amy's Ant. That's my one fly but I'd have a hard time choosing just one color. Peacock, green, brown or tan. If one color wasn't working one of the others would.
  11. I had most all of my success this year with my own variant of the Prom Dress. I call it the Japanese Lantern. It is quite a bit lighter and less bulky than the prom dress. I give everyone one guess as to what species I was targetting. ;)

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  12. Atlantic Salmon
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  13. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1380719339.674364.jpg

    This one! Caught many lunkers...
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  14. I didn't develop any new trout flies this year but I did come up with a stillwater steelhead fly that worked wonders on stillwater steelhead!

    2 days, 20 hooked and 15 landed, and all were chrome with one B-run lost that was huge------

    I call them stillhead flies! They are tied in balance leach form, notice the post.
    sexi steal 031.jpg sexi steal 009.jpg
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  15. Borski slider in 2/0. Still experimenting with my own ugly version of Duff's Spam and Eggs.
  16. This year it's been a elk hair caddis tan #12. Regardless of conditions I've been slaying them on top with it. When I feel like tying on a dropper or swinging something I have had great luck with #10 Ish's Drunken Hopper. Locally I fish mostly freestone rivers in Colorado for Browns and Rainbows. Most of the fish are in the 14-18 inch range.

  17. Fo trout this year is has been the deep dish callebaetis (www.flyfishfood.com). It has saved several outings. For salmon I would have to go with my Hi-tie baitfish. Not sue it worked any better than a clouser, but it fished just fine and was so much nicer to cast all day.
  18. Let's see the baitfish pattern Rob. :)
  19. I love Royal Wulff's too but this year a #20 Cooper John scored me my best two fish of the Summer.

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