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  1. Hi All,

    I'm writing Fly Fishing for Western Smallmouth for Stackpole Books (the same publisher of the Bob Clouser books). I've got my favorite patterns and you surely do as well. One section of my book will include fly patterns, recipes and tips on how to fish the fly. If you'd like to be included, please send a copy of the fly, the recipe and your fishing tips to David Paul Williams, PO Box 1436 Bellevue WA 98009. Make sure to include your contact information so proper credit can be given.

    Many thanks,
  2. InnnerTubeBanditWorm.jpg How about these?

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  3. Great looking Bugs Brad and cool that you are writing a book David. Let me know if you get down this way. I am surrounded by great smallmouth water down here in Se Oregon......the Snake reservoirs and the lower portions of most of the tributaries, John Day river. The problem seems to be targeting the bigger fish because there are tons of little ones. Let me know when your book is out David.
  4. A couple of those would do really well chasing Sea Run Cutthroat
  5. which ones?
  6. Rubber Bandit Wriggler and the Wriggler Rainbow could trick a few huge cutties with the right retrieve. Little to late in the year to try though.
  7. Brad--send me one or more of your patterns as they need to be icluded in my book.
  8. Will keep you posted. I've got a piece on Umpqua River smallmouth coming out next year in Northwest Fly Fishing. Am off to Arizona this weekend for more smallie field research.
  9. My favorite pattern is Rich Osthoff's Bobbing Baitfish in gold or silver.
    You should contact him to see if he'd like to submit it for your book.
    It is a great smallmouth pattern, but works well for other species as well.
    You can find a picture of his fly in this link.
  10. I had a great day with a popper last week, so its not to late(though it was outfished by a clouser).

    My favorite small mouth fly is an egg sucking leach when fishing goby infested water ways!
  11. I always thought the wiggler would work for Salt SRC along the same lines as a Miyawaki popper/slider. Only issue would be casting the wiggler, it is not easy to cast on a 5 weight. Similar to a bass bug.
  12. Just saying it's a little late because there are better fish to target in the salt. (Chums)
  13. Here are a few I like.

    Foxhead Art.jpg Heavyhead Art.jpg Allfox Art.jpg Craw.jpg
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  14. I looked at the site for his flies. Super cool pattern. I have a question about a technique he mentioned:

    Mylar tubing is stretched over a buoyant foam underbody. I like to belly a sinking line below the fly and fish it near bottom with arm-length strips and 3-second pauses. With each strip the fly dives following the path of the line. With each pause the fly buoys upward. It’s a remarkably snag-free method of staying in the critical bottom zone.

    Not to be a bone head, but does this mean just to tie a few feet of sinking line off the end of your hook like for a dropper and drag it along? Or ??? Would you add some tippet off the end of the hook first for less visibility. I be confused!?
  15. Eric,
    He is just saying that he has a belly in his line, so the fly is actually floating up above the line. With each strip, the belly in the line straightens out which makes the fly dive. On the pause the fly floats up while the belly of the line forms again below the fly. Thus the up and down bobbing action of the fly.
    Hope this helps.
  16. Hey David, congrats on the contract. I primarily fish the main Umpqua in Oregon for smallies and the subsurface patterns that work the best for me are a Bitch Creek and a Girdle Bug (tied in olive instead of black). As these are common patterns, it doesn't seem logical to send the flies to you for the book.

    However, when it comes to surface patterns, I like these pencil poppers made with Rainy's foam bodies. If someone hasn't already sent you pencil poppers, I'd be happy to send a few your way. Just PM me if you're interested.

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  18. Okay, I'll have to tie some new ones. The originals are chewed up.
  19. Ribka:

    Fish those low and slow... and get ready!

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