Favorite subsurface Bass patterns

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  1. Admittedly,im not much of a bass fly angler,though i have figured out smaller bass and the topwater evening game for one or two bigger fish,i have not had a day where success was consistent.Ive tried a number of things,clouser minnows,egg sucking leeches,but i havent really had any success catching bass over 2lbs sub sub surface flies,and im hoping to crack the code this year.Last october i had one 2lb fish and another larger one follow a white rabbit strip streamer to the bank,but the weather was cold and it was the end of the season,so i wasnt able to try it again.The places i fish are just valley ponds,usually pretty shallow water (1-10ft of water) any help is much appreciated,i am excited for summer this year
  2. So far, I have no favorite subsurface patterns for LMB... smallies on the Umpqua, yes, LMB, no. Hopefully that will change this summer. I've been working on numerous bait fish patterns and plan to test them this upcoming summer.
  3. my favorite are bucktail streamers, there's just something about the way they expand(puff out, lack of a better term...) that gets consistent strikes. I seem to do best with black over olive with a white belly, and one strand of gold flashabou down each side.

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  4. Kcahill... do you happen to have a photo you can post?
  5. Here's some that work well if you're trying to match the plastic worm hatch.

    I'm not really happy chucking these big flies. I do enjoy fishing LMB with lighter rods and smaller flies. I know I'll miss most of the big fish, but I'll still have a blast.
  6. Patrick, are you making your own wire weed guards or did you find a supplier? I don't like the mono loop style of weed guards and prefer the style you are using but I can't find them on the market.
  7. You're real close to going to hell for chucking gear.:( Ohhhh.... I think you are already there as the top "fly" as some mono in the hook eye.

    Did you make the hook guards yourself? If so, good bend job.
  8. I bought these flies from the local fly shop. I haven't been able to find the nice weed guards separately. Let us know if you find any. I'd love to add them to some basic Wooly Buggers.
  9. A company that sold pre-shaped popper bodies called EdgeWater also sold the wire weed guards but evidently they went belly up. It appears Rainy's now sells the bodies but not the weed guards.
  10. Forgive me Padre.

    I bought these the year that I started fly fishing. I tied one on to my 5 wt rigged with a 7.5' 5x tapered leader. Needless to say there was some comedy as I tried to cast the thing.
  11. mea culpa,mea culpa...
  12. When it comes to flyfishing for bass, anything goes. We're not trying to imitate bugs but trying to imitate spin gear that works... Dave Whitlock pointed out that fact.

    There ain't no match'n the hatch when it comes to bass.

    I have high hopes for these guys. If you don't like using patterns with lips or spinners... don't use them. :D Like I said, the gloves are off when it comes to LMB and me.


    I like these the best... they just need more testing.

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  13. I think the lipped fry type patterns are going to be hot Gene.
  14. A person can not go wrong with a large black bugger for bass anytime day or night. If I could only have one fly to fish with, it would be a black bugger.

    Brandon...when a bass is following your fly, but is not striking it, you have a couple of options. First would be to change up your retrieve. Slow down, speed up, or pause the fly. Think of a bass as a house cat. If you want to make the cat strike the object you are trying to entice it with, make it move erratically. That usually does the trick. Your second option is to change the size of your fly. Sometimes they can get picky about the size of your presentation. Are you going to be able to make it to the Tying Expo in Albany next month? If so, you should talk with guys like Rod Grant, John Rohmer, and Joe Warren to name a few. They have a lot of warmwater fly fishing experience and would be happy to share what they know with you. One more thing, and this goes for all fishing, make sure your hooks are VERY SHARP!!! If your hooks do not stick as you drag it across your finger nail, it is not sharp enough.

    Wire weedguards....I have not made any for quite some time, but there was an In-fisherman fly fishing for pike video starring Larry Dahlberg that showed how to make wire weedguards at the end of the video. If I recall correctly, I used guitar string as my material. When I get home tonight, I will look for the diameter size I used.

    Spring can not come soon enough as far as I am concerned.

  15. i tie unweighted bucktail streamers in baby bass, trout fry, and panfish colors. fishing them on long leaders and floating line they sink slow and can be stripped right over the top of weed beds in most ponds i fish.
  16. Bunny leach in black and in olive.
  17. Don't have time to dig one out, but my fav is tied on a short-shank, wide-gap hook, all black . . . zonker tail, black marabou, a bit of spun deer hair for bulk, & finished with long wrapped saddle hackle. Works very well as it slowly sinks with an occasional twitch, too.
  18. I agree, the unweighted flies catch fish and are castable with 4-6 weight.
  19. I've had a lot of success with twisted chenille worms, chami worms and foam tail worms. I tie them with and without weed guards.
    Here are a few of my favorites.
    Bass 108.jpg bth_014.jpg Upload 032.jpg Upload_006.jpg
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