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  1. those are really cool ,stonefish. i have to ask though-how do you make those twisted chenille patterns? and how do you fish them? cant wait to fish stuff like that at the local pond.can only imagine how good they will work i caught 3 small bass over the weekend all while bluegill fishing-one was around 16 inches or so..not bad for a size 12 nymph!
  2. I found these at Fred Meyer. They're supposed to be a size 1, but I put a size 8 streamer hook in the pic for scale.

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  3. Brandon,
    Here is a pic of how you set up the chenille to make the worms. It is more braiding then twisting them so they stay together.
    Once you have the chenille in the vice, you can begin to braid the worm.
    You'll need to use both hands to keep tension on the strands. I like to start with the right strand. Bring it over the middle strand so it is between the the middle and left strand. Now take the left strand and bring it over the middle strand, so it is between the middle and right strand. Continue alternating sides, always going over the middle strand only until you form the length of worm you want.
    Each tie you cross over the middle strand, pull that strand back towards the tip of the vice. Doing so will give you a nice, tight braid. Once you do it a few times it is really simple.
    f you use six strands, braid them the same way except you'll be bringing two strands each time over the middle strands which will result in a fatter worm.
    If you Google "Gulley Worm" you find some very nice patterns.

    As far as fishing them, I like to throw them under the shaded sides of docks and along lilly pad edges. Sometimes casting them up onto a dock and pulling them off the edge results in some great takes when it hits the water. I caught my largest smallie doing that.
    The weight ones drop pretty fast if fishing deeper water.

    I hope this helps,
  4. Stonefish, what did you use to finish the head of the MOAL??

    Have a couple of Moals I screwed-up from a swap and may add some flair per your post.
  5. Jersey,
    I dubbed Angler's Choice Mohair Plus for the head then brushed it out.
  6. thanks for the quick tutorial! ill have to tie some...in other news,i might as well stick to using trout flies for bass.i have caught a few small ones while bluegill fishing with my 4wt the past week but today was awesome. I left the 8wt and big bass flies at home since have had no luck and focused on bluegill.Within an hour i had these two landed and released...the first one was a chunk and put the biggest bend in my rod..felt lie a snag when he bit. the second one was smaller but they both fought like hell on my little 4wt.... 6lb flouro and a size 12 possie bugger works for just about everything...i love that fly!

    Fish #1


    Fish #2


    Mouth shots

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  7. Got another one today on the possie bugger! this one was only about a pound or so but they all fight like crazy on my little 4wt! it should be really steady fishing when we get a wave of warmer weather.The fish have been in different spots since yesterday so they are getting a little active.


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  8. Bass on trout gear in a little lake close to home that no one else fishes. That's fun.

    Driving for hours to the trophy bass lake. Giant flies and a heavy rod. That's fun too.
  9. Cranked out a few more worms tonight.
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  10. This simple pattern was designed by John Hazen for early season bluegill and he found it also fooled LMB. So this time of year, the warmwater fish will key in on buggy looking patterns. The PB isn't the only one that will work.


    BTW: believe it or not, the read head is required or it won't work on gills and bass. It is also intentionally tied fat.
  11. nice! cool simple pattern. have you tried it in brown or olive??? im sure it would do good once the ponds clear up a bit in those colors
  12. I've only tried it in black with the red head. It's so simple it's kind'a crazy that it works as well as it does. It also works on trout but was designed for bluegill and ended up catching LMB.
  13. Well.. ive still been getting them,every trip out. Im waiting this storm out then going out again,next week theres a day over 60 and all sun, gotta take advantage of that! so every trip except for the last 2 i have caught fish on the possie buggers,the water in the pond is dropping and clearing rapidly,and the bass/gills are getting active. We evening fished recently and i hooked 7 in the shallow side of the pond stripping a big black rabbit leech,so they are eating big stuff now.This is awesome because i never have success subsurface really,minus those fish eating the possie bugger; im talking average sized bass flies. I just tried a random retrieve i thought of that imitated what my friend was doing wit his gear setupd and i ended up outfishing him LOL ,so now i guess i know how to catch bass on subsurface flies .They are hit it right at the edge oft he weeds so i assume they followed it all the way.My buddy fly fishes for everything but bass,so he was using soft plastics and caught a 3lber and hooked one way bigger that didn't stay hooked.

    One of mine

    heres one my friend got not fly fishing -3lbs

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  14. Geez... wish I could go fishing during the middle of the week when the weather isn't a disaster as some folks can :D

    That is one big LMB and it doesn't surprise me in the least it was caught with spin gear.
  15. I use wacky weedless hooks (Bass Pro) for premade weed guards on bass flies.

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