Featha Styx switch rods: any opinions?

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  1. Hi guys and gals. Has anyone used Featha Styx rods? I couldn't find anything with the search. I saw their switch rods in a shop the other day, but didn't get to toss a line on one. They had (if memory serves) 6,7, and 8wts. All were 10'8". I was impressed with their design, and they looked well made. The shop owner said they were built on Rainshadow blanks.

    Any comments on their performance, type of action, quality, customer service, target fisheries, etc, would be most welcome.

    Muchas gracias,
  2. Do you happen to have a link to their specs?
  3. No, I found their website by Googling, but I couldn't see their switch rods on it. Have you fished one, Luke?
  4. I have 5 wt switch that I picked up at the Fly Fishing show when it was last in Bellevue. I use it on the Yakima to extend my reach when wading in the canyon. I took a couple of the spey classes offered at Ben Howard launch and was able to get the technique down and apply it.
    I have no complaints but it does take a certain kind of fanatical technical adeptness to get into.

  5. I have a spey rod they built and I like it. I met the guy who makes the rods, he is very passionate about rod building.
  6. I can't say much about a switch rod but I do have a custom 3/4wt Fetha Stick that my in-laws gave me as a gift. I have mainly used this rod while living in Colorado fishing the Blue River for Trout just outside of Breckenridge. The rod is built well and I have no complaints.
  7. They're built on production consumer blanks with consumer hardware. Nothing wrong with them at all. Rainshadows are nice blanks. FS does pay insane attention to detail when building them. At least they did on the ones I saw and fished. You could probably save a few bones if you put one together yourself and weren't too worried about fancy inlays and wraps. You won't come close to the matching the style points on your own first build.

    I've heard there was a change in ownership with FS, true?
  8. Jim no longer owns Fethastyx. I don't know what happened exactly, but the new owners are producing a Nascar series of tackle rods (no, I'm not joking). Jim started another rod company--I think its called X-Rodz.
  9. Yes, it is X-Rodz and their website is http://www.xrodz.net/. Jim is no longer with Feathastyx and has started the new company.

    Give Jim a call at the new company and he can answer any of your questions about the switch rod or any of his rods. I've cast a ton of them, fly and gear rods, and have a 7wt single that is very nice! Casts great with an 8wt GPX, since it is on the fast side.

  10. Thanks very much, guys. I sent Jim an email via XRodz. I hope I didn't make too many spelling mistakes, because I could hardly see what I was doing. They gotta bump up their contact page font size. It's about a size 1 or 2!

    My intented target fisheries with a switch are beach fishing for coho (silvers) about 5 to 15 lb., here on the east coast of Vancouver Island, and possibly also Van. Isl. steelhead about the same size. Given the differences between the line weight classifications of single handed and double handed and switch rod lines, I have no idea which one to go for; 6? 7? 8wt.? Hopefully, Jim can answer that question. From my research, it seems that some switch rods are given line weights corresponding to regular single hand lines, and other brands are given spey-type line classifications (which seem to be about 2 line weights below the single hand lines they would toss.)
  11. Flybill, thanks to your link, I was able to get all my questions answered by the previous owner, Jim Mercier.
    People might be interested to know that they (his new company) are about to release a new model: an 11'2" five piece.
    Great website you have here! Thanks again,
  12. Glad you were able to get your questions answered! Jim's loves what he does, and does it well and is fun to be around! I've gotten to know him very well in the past year, building rods with him. If you're down in the Redmond area sometime, I see that you live in BC, stop in and check out the shop. You'll frequently see me in the back of the shop, casting a fly rod and smoking a cigar... and usually listening to Jim telling me that it stinks! :cool:

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