Fenwick SF74-4 spin/fly rod combo

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    P1010136.JPG Posted here as well as classifieds:

    Here's and "oldie but goodie" from my youth (I'm 64 and have owned this rod since I was 14!!!!).

    Four piece, seven foot (for six weight fly line) with downlocking fly reel seat as well as sliding aluminum rings for spinning reel.
    "Ferralite" twist on ferrules (far ahead of their time!), recoil style double foot guides.
    Wear consistent with 15 years of reasonably careful occasional use, then 35 stored unused--decals beginning to show wear, fish scales stuck to the blank, numerous minor rubs, one slightly bent guide foot straightened to original by me, but no damage that diminishes performance or functionality. Rod weighs 3-7/8 oz, rated for spinning at 1/8 oz to 3/8 oz. Great on a 12" trout, capable of landing a 5 pounder.
    Triangular plastic case (no sock) with snap cap end (the little plastic hinge finally gave up the ghost).
    Rod sections are 22", case is 23-1/2".
    The finish on the rod is dark brown, as is the case.
    $60 plus a bit of domestic shipping $15?), 3 day inspection with full return priveleges if not satisfied. Additional photos available on request.

    These are rare and getting more so as time passes, but this one still has another 50 years of use left in it, plus a heap of mojo to pass along to a new owner.
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    Do you still have this rod for sale?

    Steve Engelhardt

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    This is a great rod with a stealing price!!
    I have a very similar one made by cortland. High Mountain lakes, canoe trips etc... super versatile.
  5. Greg Holt Active Member

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    You're right about that, Mark--and if somebody doesn't snag it, it will go right back behind the seat of the truck--something special about the energy of an old well engineered fiberglas rod!