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  1. I just got home from two weeks of vacation at our cabin in Republic. It was a fantastic time, even with the the thunderstorms. I started by fishing Long lake which is an amazing place, I fished for a couple of hours and had few really nice beautiful cutthroat to the boat most of which were 14-15 inches. A couples days later I went down to a friends cabin on lake Curlew for some bass fishing, I caught many bass including a 2.5lbs fish which is a big bass for lake Curlew. I fished Curlew a few more times with my redington CT 3wt and poppers, it is so much fun no fish over 1.5lbs but fun to catch all day. A few days later I went up to the Kettle river I had many fish take my dry fly but being the expert I am I did not land and single one, feeling defeated the next day I returned to lake Curlew for some more poppers and aggressive bass to lift my spirits. Yesterday I went to empire lakes and got lost but eventually found them, I did not bring a float tube and do to the lack of shore access on any of the three lakes I couldn't fish. I ended up fishing Ward lake on my way back which was really rewarding it was full of Brook trout in the 9-12 inch range. It was a great way to spend a couple of weeks.
  2. Thanks WA-Fly
    More water to add to my list to fish.
  3. There are a lot of creeks up there that I am dying to fish
  4. Yep, ferry county is gooood, but keep your ears out for banjos. Just a heads up, enlightened and I got into a bad situation at an extremely rural lake near the border. That one situation alone made me resolve to packing in the woods, though it may have not made a difference in that weird,scary situation.
  5. We've got acerage up on herron creek & ever since homeland security started flying out of the republic airport most of our secretive neighbors have sold out & moved on. I guess they don't like the airplane noise or something?
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  6. For the record, I've had a couple creepy encounters too on out of the way FS Roads when crossing from Okanogan County into Ferry County.
  7. It's the two legged wolves that make me nervous.
  8. Ferry county.....beautiful, awesome fishing and great memories. Though triploidjunkie and I have encountered quite a few strange people. Very strange.....and I know weird! But these people of the woods;).....all I can say is don't get caught alone. I consider the woods my home. Methow valley is my origins. So I'm no stranger alone out there. It is so beautiful and many wonderful people who reside near and in town, though up there only through experience in walk in lakes is like the horror film waiting to be created. Backwoods and backwards is the most polite phrases that come to mind.Triploidjunkie says he may pack, but in my opinion, "pack and go in a pack!" More people...more fun...and safe.
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  9. If the Ferry County locals get wind you are from the west side of the state then they can make your visit difficult and uncomfortable and that takes away the fun of fly fishing. It would seem they forget they live in the United States Of America. It is unique to the NE part of the state. The SE part of the state is not like that, neither is the central Wenatchee/ Ellensburg area or the Spokane area. Although I have found that openly carrying a handgun makes them think your a fellow white supremacist like them and they leave you alone....I just make sure they never hear my real last name, that would certainly cause me problems there so I go by Mike Johnson when in Ferry County :)
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  10. I'm heading back in August gonna do some creek fishing! Ferry county is a beautiful place, but has some real odd ball people.
  11. We plan on doing the same:)

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