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  1. I want to host a gathering of people interested in fiberglass fly rods. I'd like to get a dozen people or so, with a variety of glass rods to showcase. You don't have to bring any rods, but it would be preferred if you did! I live in North Seattle/Lake City and have a park across the street for casting. Food will be provided, BYOB.

    I'll have a 7'6" 6 weight Actionglas from the 60's as well as a 6'6" 3 weight no name blank that I am building and a Fenwick FL84-5 that was built in to a spinning rod that I stripped and am rebuilding into a fly rod.

    I am looking at weekend dates between August 24 and September 22. Let me know if you are interested in coming and what dates might work for you.
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  2. I wanna come. Will bring 2 mid weight Fenwicks, 2 lighter Steffens and a Sage from the 80s.
  3. Awesome to have you David! What day(s) would work for you?
  4. John here, a Sat. after Aug. 26th would work for me. I have a Blue Halo 8' 5/6wt, Jame Green proto-type 9'6" 4/5 switch and a 11' 6/7wt switch that there was only 6 made. Please let me know when. Thanks, great idea!
  5. Gary - Not looking at a calendar but think I'm pretty open. Just South of Magnuson Park here so this isn't a big trip. Pick a date that works for you, or the screaming horde.
  6. Both days aren't occupied on our calendar yet but I might prefer the Sept over the August date at this juncture. I got a bunch of Wright & McGill/Eagle Claw rods, particularly Eagle Claw Featherlights but a couple Sweethearts too. I also have a handful of old solid glass rods. If anyone wants a workout, I have a couple big guns (9-10wt rods) to try (Heddon, W & M, Ted Williams) and some other odds and ends.
  7. I'm out of town until August 24th, but Aug 25 or later works for me (at this point). I'd bring one example each from Wojnicki, Scott, McFarland, Kenney, Morgan plus maybe 2 or 3 Steffens.
  8. I'm available and would love to come. All I can bring are a couple of old Fenwicks and a Lammy 6-piece 7-1/2' honey, but maybe Lugan will bring me as his 'date'!

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  9. I'd love to have you! A pretty great lineup is taking shape.

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  10. With attendance being limited I'm going to wait and see how this shakes out before committing. I would be strictly a tourist. I have nothing worth offering for show and tell. I may have an old brown Fenwick or two in the back of a closet but to be honest I never really thought of them as great rods. My interest is in contemporary glass by the half dozen or so top makers. I've cast a Steffen or two and was delighted by how refined the tapers were for their intended purpose.

    I will wait to see if there are enough serious "glass heads" (with more to offer the gathering as a whole), to fill the available space. If there is some room left over in the end for tourists I'll be happy to help fill it. Put me on the reserve list.

    I'm a cane guy and continue to attend enough cane gatherings and cast enough "new to me" cane each year to keep my interest in taper design happy.

  11. That's fair, although from what I've read from you in my time on the forum, you sound like the type of guy I'd like to have at the event. I'm not opposed to tourists, hell, with this lineup so far, there may be far too many rods to cast as it is!

    Thinking about the number of rods, I'll have a couple rolls of masking tape and some sharpies for everyone to mark their rods/reels so nothing gets lost in the shuffle of dozens of rods swirling around and so I know who to ask about the rod if it winds up in my hand and I have a question about it.
  12. Well, depending on when the final date is put into place dictates if I come. But I'll have several Fenwicks (most factory made brown ones, all vintage), maybe my old built by myself yellow Fenwick 7wt (I built it when I was around 10 years old), and maybe a couple older Lamiglas glass rods I built (and these too will be circa 1970's/early 80's blanks). We'll see what I dig out. :)
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  13. My Fenwicks are not rare ones. Quite the opposite. They made a million of them. I'll have them in the car though. The FF806 is still a helluva caster. But, I look forward to comparing with a similar Steffen (or other) if someone brings one. I read great things about the Steffen 8' 5/6.
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  14. I sure would love to, but being as I'm down in PDX, I can't see that happening...I think a few would get a kick out of my Steffen 8'6" 7/8. I'm actually breaking its saltwater cherry over the next few days hopefully on some surf perch....of course, there's the venerable 8' 5/6...two rods that I couldn't live without. In fact, I could do all of my Pac NW fly fishing with those two rods....if I HAD to.
  15. Depends actually. There are quite a few that are hard to find. If I come will bring my 10 wt with factory removable butt section. First switch rod made as I like to claim. Lol
  16. Yeah, I know there are some rare ones. Mine are common though, FF806 & FF807. I'd maybe sell the 7 but never the 6.
  17. I have a Fenwick think says 10/11wt. I will have to go look and see. Should be fun!
  18. One of the more "rare" Fenwicks. Rumored fewer than 60 were produced by the Fenwick Custom Shop in the '60's.
    Quoted from the net;
    "It has collectability for people with interest in Fenwick rods or the GGAC and SF area. The Fenwick FF83 is a "special" rod in SF history. It was designed by J Green of Fenwick expressly for the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club of San Francisco and it's members. It was available only to and through the GGAC, not made for sale to the general public. It is the only GGAC, "club" rod that I am aware of. I've lived in SF my whole life and have never cast this rod and have only seen one."

    The only one I know of more rare would be the Fenwick FF77-7 (7pc 5wt pack rod).
    This FF83 appears to never have had reel mounted on it. :D
    1FF83.jpg 1FF832.jpg 1FF833.jpg
  19. Nice aquisition Mark. I grew up on Bainbridge Island, was aquainted with Mr. Greens kids in school, and even worked next door to the then new Sage shop. Still, I never happened to purchase a Fenwick rod. Dumbass. 20/20 hindsight now. Someday I'll find one.
  20. This sounds like fun. If there is room for me, I have a couple of old W-Ms, Heddons, a 10' Hardy 7wt, and a no name I built up recently. Almost any Aug- Sept Sunday is open for me, or a Sat if a date is confirmed before the start of the month since I have to schedule my Sats off a month in advance. Working can be inconvenient sometimes....
    P.S. They are also paired with age appropiate reels.
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