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  1. Sounds like fun. I am in. Most any Saturday would be fine with me. I have A Shakespeare Wonderod built in June of 1964, a Montague and a new rod from Cabela's. Like Banzai I have some old reels to go with the old rods.

    Jerry Tomeo
    Kitsap Fly Anglers
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  2. OK, for me it looks like September 8th or 15th would be best for me. Both days are Sundays, as those days are often easier for me. Whichever day more people can attend is the one I'll pick. Whichever weekend that we aren't meeting I'll be camping and fishing small streams in Mt. Rainier NP, which has become my annual birthday trip.
  3. Sept 15th is good for me since the 8th is my birthday and the wifey has plans for that weekend.
  4. The 11th is mine so I get to choose which weekend I want to turn into a 3 day camping trip.
  5. That's only fair as you're getting this all together, eh?
  6. I meant as far as work goes. I'll let the vote on this determine which weekend I tell my boss I'll be out of town

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  7. I love retirement. The 15th would be fine with me. Gene and I will come together what ever day you chose.

    Jerry Tomeo
    Kitsap Fly Anglers
  8. great idea! sept 8th is the only day i can make it. no worries either way though.
    getting together is always fun. a few of my favorite glass rods that i've shared with other glass enthusiasts are:

    SA System 4, 5, and my newly acquired System 6
    7' and 8' Kurt Gowdy Parametrics
    8' 5wt Cortland "Leon Chandler" (Fisher)
    Scott F601-3
    8' 4wt Diamondglass (orig.)
    Fenwick FF79, FF79.5 (Japanese), and FF756
    7''6" Phillipson eponite
    7' 4-6wt Sceptre

    please let me know what date you end up choosing.
  9. let's try and do it when Lugan can bring his Morgans!! :D
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  10. I just found out I have a commitment for Sept 15th. Sept 8th would work for me.
  11. Ok guys, the date will be sunday September 8, let's get together at 2 with a plan to eat and mingle first and cast after that. I'll provide the main dish and dessert if everyone else wants to bring a side/salad. Reply here if you are going to attend and I will pm everyone as we get close to the date with an address. I'm really looking forward to this!

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  12. I'm in. Where's it gonna be?
  13. I'll say I'm a "maybe" right now. With the 2 Fly a couple weeks away at that point, we'll be making trips up doing some recon trips and talking to shops. But will bring rods from 6-10wt if I do show. :)
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  14. Lake city/ north Seattle

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  15. I'm in! I'll bring several of my favorite glass rods, reels spooled with various lines, and a fine side dish TBD. Glad we've got a date set!
  16. Just took Sun. off. Will be there, did I miss going thru all this post, the address of the park. Can't wait to meet you all.
  17. Excellent, glad people are going to be able to make it.

    John, you didn't miss it. I'll pm everyone with an address and any additional details in a couple weeks.

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  18. Will be waiting to here. This is going to be great.
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  19. I will do my best to be there. I will bring my fiberglass rods and reels.
  20. Gary
    If spectators are allowed, I would like to run down for this gathering. I have a few glass rods I will bring, but none are new, and most are Fenwick.

    Great idea and very cool of you to assemble this gathering.

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