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  1. It was a Hardy "Brook" 3 weight. I forgot about the big Hardy.
  2. First picture ninth rod from the bottom looks like the Invincible to me. I should have studied the pictures more, old age is getting to me. Over the years my Invincible has put a hurt on Steelhead, Coho, Chum and a couple of Springs. Plus a lot of big lake rainbows in Sheridan and Dragon lakes.
  3. For my "Invincible" I'm trying to locate a fighting butt to use this great war pony as a switcher. My rather cranky joints couldn't take this guy casting for a full day. (I actually prefer two-handers most of the time for lines above 7wt.) Actually, I don't think my rods made the photo lineup as they were leaning against a tree.
  4. Some of my favorites of the day were: the Fenwick 7 footers, the 3/4 Steffen, Ron's Butterstick and his "1097",the small Hardy, and the purely for grins 12' Millbro with a 400gr Skagit(I think it could use up to a 550-600 tho).
  5. Man I wish I could have made it down for this!
  6. I took a bunch of pix, but this is the only one that's "sort of" decent (I need to get a new camera):


    This shows most of Gene's rods. His howitzer is to the far right.
  7. Took my old friend Fenwick (FF70)) fishing the other day. Small fish on a light fiberglass rod can be a hoot. Some of you cast this rod at the "Get Together".
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  8. Great picture!
    No, I don't seem to remember that rod (MUCH):rolleyes:.
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  9. Jack, I remember that rod well. I was surprised how much I liked it.
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  10. can any of you guys remember an older 7' Cortland rod that somebody brought?? i really liked it, and for the life of me, i can't remember which model it was.
    my aging brain is deteriorating as we speak. :/
  11. There is a Cortland 2000 7' for sale right now on fiberglass flyrodder site.
  12. it was probably the 2000 or the Procrest, but i can't remember...
  13. It was a Pro Crest. I liked that one too.
  14. Thanks Lugan!

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