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  1. I was by myself in a float tube early fall and couldn't quite get the shot I was after so I just started shooting parts. I just have a point and shoot Canon but I thought this fin shot came out like so modern art piece so I thought I'd share it. IMG_3178lw.jpeg
  2. Way cool.
    I see a game here. lets see who can name the fish from the shot. I'm going with smallmouth.

    Suck, I am assuming you know the fish type in question.
  3. Jeff,
    Close but no prize.. fish was caught on the Hancock Tree Farm. I can't recall the name of the particular lake as I just the follow a North Bend resident who knows they area when we go there.
  4. I think squawwie.
  5. Bluegill
  6. Perch. Only because nobody has guessed that yet. Cool shot.
  7. Do I get to guess again? I have a BIGGER idea.;)
  8. Bigger is it... bigger being a 1.5 or 2lb largemouth. The lake water was tannic and the fish was mint but the overall hue was certainly different than what we catch out in the basin. I'll have to try a similar shot with other species. I have shown the photo to some who liked it but had no idea what it was.
  9. Yep...pretty kewl. What type of Canon is it?
  10. When you said Hancock I was thinking further up the road behind the gates. Wasn't thinking down low.
  11. That shot was with a G12. This was up beyond the gates... but not waaay up. It certainly did not look like anybody had been in there in some time from the trail and "launch".
  12. There's 3 bass lakes in the Hancock area that are a short hike. I can't remember how to get to them anymore without referring to a map.
  13. This was a short hike... might have been Klaus or Bridges looking at the map. I think there is a road closure due to a washout and we had to come in differently than one normally would.

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