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  1. I just moved to Whidbey Island from Nebraska where firework laws are fairly liberal. I live in a rural area here. My closet neighbor is about 1/4 mile away. I want to shoot off some fireworks for the 4th. There are stands in most of the towns here on the Island. I also some some on the reservation just off Fidalgo Island. Is there a big difference in the type of fireworks that are sold on the reservation compared to what I can but in town?
    I'm used to shooting off some nice aerial shells and rockets and was wondering what was available here in Washington.
  2. the reservation is where the big boy fireworks are that you are use too.
  3. Very big difference in what you're going to find
  4. Enjoy it before they outlaw it in your new neighborhood.
  5. Go to the reservations. Although I just cannot bring myself to spending that money anymore. 200 bucks doesnt even really buy shit

  6. Just don't come to eastern Washington....One year we watched the entire Wenatchee Valley go up in flames with multiple fires due to fireworks. A friend almost lost his home when a firework landed on his roof!

    The following year.....we had some serious new laws regarding fireworks in the county. New Years....that is a great time to shoot off fireworks. I like fireworks on New Years......4th of July....nah.
  7. The reservation fireworks are generally illegal off the rez, but it's never enforced.
    I find it saves some of the hassle to just light the money itself on fire.
  8. I've grown less fond of fireworks after having seen how it really scares the shit out of some animals. Ruby (our 11 month Yellow Lab) so far seems undisturbed by the few practice rounds going off in the area. I'm hopeful she will not be like our female GR (who we lost in Feb 2013) who got very panicky, particularly with those shrill bottle rockets. We had friends with a small mix who had to leave their home and drive to places that restricted them as the poor dog literally shook with fear.

    That said, I still like seeing them and it is a celebration of the greatest nation on God's Green Earth... just be careful and respectful of your neighbors.
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  9. I think they should outlaw the stuff altogether and enforce the ban with prejudice. Where I lived at in town I had a shake roof. Every 4th I ended up staying home to keep my neighbors from burning down my house. I lost count of how much shit fell on my roof that I had to spray down with the hose. Pure bull crap. Hey, lets celebrate the birth of the greatest country in the world by burning down our houses. Freekin' idiots.
  10. I have no love for them at all. Nut job that lives behind me seems to think it is really funny to shoot off everything in the arsenal at 0200 hours. I sometimes feel like I would like to show him what a 12 gauge up his pipeline would sound like.

    With all of the commercial displays put on by metropolitan and city
    governments, I see no reason for jake the bone head to have to set them off in neighborhoods. People have had their homes burned down by some idiot that should not be allowed to have matches, let alone fireworks. .
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  11. I don't suppose that I am the only Vet that has real issues with both the flash and the sound of fireworks, particularly when then come unexpectedly.
  12. Theron, you came to the wrong state, we celebrate Independence Day by taking away everyone's independence. We don't require you to be responsible for your actions so we must control what you do. Put those dreams of sparklers behind you, we don't allow any of that here!
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  13. I understand some of the above, it is a reminder that we are crowding, and life is changing at a fast pace, faster than some can accommodate. It just a little sad when you talk about being young to your children and doing your own fireworks and your kids have no freaking idea what you are talking about.
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  14. Very good point Jim. And thank you for your service and for your commitment to our freedom.
  15. I like this idea ! I live in a paid for but substandard house by today's standards. if the neighbors burn my house down, I could sue them the county and god knows who else and get a McMansion for free !!
  16. Theron,
    I grew up on Whidbey closer to Oak Harbor and we would always make a trip over to the Rez for the good stuff, I would avoid the piddly little stands that are on the island. FYI though the State Patrol would often park right on the edge of the Rez and pull people over for "speeding" and confiscate all the illegal stuff you have that is visible...I'm not kidding. In other news, PM me and I can point you to some great SRC beaches up around the north end that have really produced for me. Be safe.
  17. <Rant>Worst holiday EVER, the idea is honorable but the "blowing shit up" part sucks ballz. We have 3 dogs and every years its the same nonsense. Too many A-holes being dumb and potentially ruining property and scaring animals, and leaving piles of debris in the streets and yards. I hope an assload of Darwin awards are given out this year.</Rant>
    Otherwise have a great 4th and enjoy yourself in moderation.
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  18. Same here Jim, I just don't go out on the 4th anymore.
  19. When scared pets are brought up, fireworks fans say they're celebrating their freedom.
    When fire danger is brought up, fireworks fans say they're celebrating their freedom.
    When the issue of neighbors needing to sleep is brought up, fireworks fans say they're celebrating their freedom.
    I wonder what they say about their celebration causing flashbacks for those who fought for that freedom.
  20. Fireworks suck.

    I wonder how many injuries and serious fires are started every year by chiefly illegal fireworks.

    Say no to fireworks. Every one should go plant and water a tree for a July 4th celebration.

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