NFR Fireworks?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Theron, Jun 29, 2014.

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  2. You must really hate cars. Even the legal kind.
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  3. Yes cars suck too.

    I am a truck man, I can't understand how people can feel comfortable sitting reclined so low to the ground whilst traveling at high rates of speed, dang city slickers I guess? I will say cars at least are capable of performing a useful function of transportation to and fro, unlike fireworks of which I fail to see any function or redeemable qualities.

  4. I hate cars...when they're set on fire for fun.
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  5. I understand bans completely. Over here on the east side with the dry conditions, every year there are a spate of brush fires, houses threatened or damaged, and occasionally a life lost (first fire was yesterday; I wouldn't be surprised if fireworks are determined to be the cause.). When I was married & everything was legal, our small dogs were terrified; my bird dogs wanted outside to retrieve. And I've also spent time ensuring that my roof didn't catch fire when folks would set the things off in high wind. Banning idiots would be an even more prudent step.
  6. I could put up with it, if only it was j.ust on the fourth. We have to give two of our dogs downers. Been hearing it for a week and will for another.
  7. Wow, thanks for all the replies. I do understand the negative feelings about fireworks. I am a Viet Nam Vet and it took several years before I could enjoy fireworks again. I still am startled when I am not aware that some are going to be set off. I have no neighbors that I will annoy and I talked to the people that have the cabin on the beach and they are going to have fireworks also. I will be careful and enjoy the holiday.
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  8. Enjoy, Theron. You are more courteous than most. Be safe.
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  9. I will support the idiots 'freedom' to shoot off fireworks if, when their irresponsibility sets my house on fire, I can respond with my own brand of fireworks in such a manner to deter them to ever want/have the ability to light a 'sparkler' again.
  10. Come with me for a row down the beach in my dory on July 5th and just wait until you see what is on the shores and in the waters. Miles of debris from fireworks launched off of the beaches the night before. Fourth of July lasts a few weeks out here on the Olympic Peninsula. We have some dry weather again, sunny, and onshore breezes, so the grasses etc will be especially dry. I like the colorful scene of fireworks, but the pollution and damage is self evident. And it is very hard on animals, and many people too. I cared for an elder friend who was a WW2 and Normandy Beach veteran, Korea Veteran, cold war veteran etc. The weeks around fourth of July were very hard for him.
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  11. Nice Cup! I agree with others on here it would not bother me one bit if they outlawed the dam things after all I am celebrating my freedom by Keeping my property and pets safe.
    Another problem is all the freaking trash left by the people that shoot the dam things off. Try and go for a walk the next morning and you will find shit every where.
  12. I say ban stupid dogs and blow more stuff up. Poor animals keeping them up locked up in a little yard. No wonder they freak out
  13. Here in Dillon it sounds like WW III going off. But I don't worry about it. I'm usually in bed and asleep when all that noise is going off.

    When I was a kid we enjoyed the Firecrackers. As we were always seeing how high you could blow the can you were playing with. But now a days all they want to do is make noise. And that noise doesn't make the vets very happy.
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  15. I may have to rethink my shooting of fireworks on the 4th after reading some of the comments on this topic. The last thing I want to do is pollute this beautiful beach with debris from fireworks. I will probably just make the short drive to Freeland and watch their display. Thanks for making me think.
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  16. Do what you want man. Just because some are bitching about fireworks and why they do not like them does not mean you should give up something that is your American right.
  17. " It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more."

    John Adams Wrote 1776...

    Maybe we all should suck it up for a day, and enjoy our independence.... however you choose.

    I don't think "preventing others from doing things you don't personally approve of, because it makes your puppy stress out", is in the Constitution.
  18. Nothing wrong with exercising your freedoms as long as you do it legally, ethically, and clean-up your mess. On this side of the state, too many people have had to exercise their freedom by watching prayerfully as flames from a fireworks-ignited fire approached their homes. Most municipal and state codes are enacted for a pretty good reason.
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  19. Light up the sky! Celebrate the 4th of July. Be responsible for your actions.

    Enjoy your freedom.
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  20. I'm guessing it would sound like shit and make clean-up of your gun a real pain :D.

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