NFR Fireworks?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Theron, Jun 29, 2014.

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    I think its ironic that the native americans on Indian reservations sell us fire works to celebrate independance day with. right after we gained independance we started rounding them up and placeing them on reservations!!!!
  2. jwg

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    What happened to

    “one person’s liberties end where another person’s begin”?

    Here is how the use of currently legal and illegal fireworks impacts my liberty in Eastern Washington.

    I hesitate to go and enjoy and participate in civic celebrations on the fourth, due to concerns about staying on my property ready to defend against fires.

    Similarly, I won’t schedule a vacation or fishing trip away over this time period for the same reason. (So this thread is fishing related.)

    These are not hypothetical concerns.

    One year, while I was away at a civic celebration on July 4th, my neighbor’s teenagers bottle rockets (illegal) started a brush fire on the lot next to me. The breezes blew the fire away from my property, and happily, no houses were set fire, but the brush fire did go right up to another neighbors natural gas tank (that could have been exciting). And when I got home after work the next day, the ground was smoking in a couple of places where roots were still burning. What if the blaze had reignited at night when people were sleeping?

    Another year, kids playing with legal fire works a couple days before the fourth started a brush fire directly upwind from my property, one block away. This was after dark, the air was breezy, and so pretty scary. Seeing my elderly neighbors on the lot next to the fire, the old woman looking vulnerable in her nightgown, their outbuildings and vehicles threatened, silhouetted in the flames, is not an event to celebrate.

    So, every year, I pre-deploy a ladder to my roof, pre-deploy sprinkers around my outbuilding, have hoses on carts ready to move wherever I need them, and stay home on the fourth. Bummer. So much for my liberty on July the 4th.

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  3. Chris Bellows

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    if you really want to have some fun, not deal with anti-firework laws, blow up a bunch of shit, and watch a hell of a fireworks show head out to neah bay for the 4th. just don't try to get to bed early after being up since 4am salmon fishing.
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    The Res is where you want to go for the cool stuff. Although don't try taking any on a state ferry and be careful leaving the Res with a car load of the good stuff if there are cops waiting since they are technically not legal off the Res. I've never had a problem but you always here of people getting pinched.

    Just like anything else, firearms aren't as dangerous as people like to make them out to be so long as your not a dumbass.
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  5. I like blowing stuff up as much as the next guy. I hate litter though, so I abstain. I did tie some flies with shiny fireworks Mylar litter I picked up last year. Fireworks=litter and litter=lame
  6. Kaiserman

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    That is soooooo not true!

    Just the other day, I read about a 9mm running into a 7-Eleven and shooting someone. :p
  7. 1morecast

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    Sounds to me like he is doing what he wants to. He is concerned about the beach...
  8. China? That's where fireworks came from (and most still do).

  9. Yard Sale

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    Seems appropriate for this thread.
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    Welcome to the new millenium...join us in this time of change and respect.

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
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    My dad lives on Mutiny Bay and on the 4th it is like WW3 down on the beach. My wife, kids, and are heading up there on Thursday. I'm going to lobby them to attend the Freeland display this year.
  12. golfman44

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    I find it hilarious how some of those against fireworks in this thread are the same people who go apeshit in any thread where someone else is against guns.
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  13. Danielocean

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    I nominate this post for post of the year.
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  14. golfman44

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    To the op:

    Go to boom city behind cabelas/the casino and get some of the good stuff. Barter super hard tho, when they quote you a price just laugh and walk across the aisle to the other stand, chances are you'll get called back. I remember in high school we played these guys 2on2 in bball for free fireworks. We agreed to pay double if we lost. Fun times. Be safe
  15. Danielocean

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    Please define what this change you are refering too.
  16. Peyton00

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    This can go to 10 pages by the 4th.
    Everyone do their part....

    Here is part of my partial contribution....

    Age and bedtimes play a big part in the yeas and nays.
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    If I took my guns out in the yard and fired them off all night long just for kicks, then I'd see your point. As it is, my neighbors never see or hear my guns.
  18. freestoneangler

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    Not exactly who I was referring to, but our US Dept. of State seems to have no issue with them... so why not.

    So far Ruby seems un-phased by the preamble test firings taking place each night... hmmm, maybe she's deaf.... would explain the challenge we've been having with the "come here" command :D.
  19. golfman44

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    I really didn't want to get into an argument because they are useless on this forum but you completely missed my point
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    The Navy planes landing and taking off on the out lying field near Coupeville are every bit as noisy as fireworks. They don't cause fires or litter though. I will have fireworks to watch because both the cabins near here are occupied for the week. I talked with both parties and they are shooting off fireworks so I can just sit back, sip a couple of beers and keep a hose handy if any stray my way. Happy 4th to all.
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