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  1. I'm not a fan but I don't infringe on others' preferences. I would easier take a few twenties out of my wallet and set them on fire as spend the cash on fireworks because most people use the Fourth to make noise rather than celebrate the independence of the country. The meaning has been lost for decades.

  2. I guess that I am missing your message or point here? Are you implying it is some kind of hypocrisy or some kind of bizarre ethic that pro gun people can be anti fireworks? I fail to see to see how the two relate to each other. Would you care to elaborate and educate us?

  3. The same people weren't kids/teenagers once having fun with fireworks? Give me a break. Everybody does shit that others don't like/makes others uncomfortable. Just because you don't agree with it or it is an inconvenience to you doesn't mean it's wrong.

    The pussification of America continues.

    Edit: Steve said it well

    Again I don't want to argue here since it's useless, especially with some of the individuals I was referring to. But hopefully this cleared it up a bit....
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  4. Golfman is making reference to a few people on here that have made it known that they think fireworks should be outlawed 100% because of the negative results of irresponsible use. This concept directly relates to the gun issue. Just because there has been documented cases of both legitimate accidents, and cases of arson, does not mean that fireworks should be outlawed and banned for use by the vast majority of law abiding good citizens choosing to express there patriotism in a form in which they see fit. Same goes for the gun issue. Just because there has been documented cases of accidents, and intentional negative impacts with firearms, does not mean that they should be banned as well.
    Golfman's statement therefore holds true because the same people wanting to crucify the use of fireworks period, are the same hypocrites that proclaim gun rights.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Fireworks are not guaranteed nor specifically mentioned in the Constitution. Nor do fireworks have any specific beneficial use such as protection or procuring food. Fireworks are merely entertainment. After the fact that both firearms and fireworks make use of gun powder there is nothing more that can be compared between the two.
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  7. sometimes I forget I was a kid once too !!
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  8. I see your point Kerry. I would support policy changes to fireworks use but I still do not think that it is necessary to get rid of them completely.
  9. Haha. This about sums it up
  10. Wifey says:

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  11. Probably the most ill conceived comparison I've ever read on on any subject ever. Ever ever. My favorite line was "vast majority of law abiding citizens choosing to express *their patriotism in a form in which they see fit". Hilarious. If you honestly think lighting a wolfpack of firecrackers in a coffee can (which wakes up the neighborhood and sends every dog on a barking fit or hiding in the bathtub) is an act of patriotism, try voting or writing to your local government representative. You'll be amazed how patriotic you feel after that. Fireworks are pretty and we can all deal with professionals putting on a scheduled display once or twice a year, but no one should be able to buy them, or at the very least not be allowed to set them off within an earshot of another person.
  12. Replace the word firework with gun in your rant. See the problem?
  13. No. Jesus.
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  14. Figures
  15. we will just stay in disagreement. Not a big deal.
  16. Switching out a word does not mean the argument is the same. Is this really a conversation?
  17. I don't think it is a conversation anymore. I'm gonna withdraw from this thread. I try staying away from these kind of threads but my imaturity got the best of me. No hard feelings and happy fourth to u all.

  18. cool emoticons bro.......Middle finger emoticons are my favorite.

    Put some ear plugs on your dog...everything will be okay..

    I wonder who is more revelent, one of our founding fathers, or some dude named "eyejuggler"....

    maybe you should create your own constitution... I am sure that will go over well.
  19. Law abiding citizens shooting off illegal fireworks? The fireworks people have a problem with are already banned. That's why they're only available on the rez.
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