NFR Fireworks?

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  1. We take a late summer trip to Idaho or Montana every summer and I've come to associate the pall of smoke and smell of forest fires with good times fishing. Early this morning my wife and I were walking our dog (who, fortunately, is unfazed by the fireworks), and I noticed a haze and smelled that familiar smell. I wondered aloud if there were a fire nearby. My wife reasoned, correctly I suspect, that it was just the lingering smoke from last night's bombardment.

  2. There are those, that made the choice to serve their country, by joining the military, because they felt, it was their duty to do so.

    There are those that chose a different path to serve their country, because they felt it was their duty to do so.

    But those Americans who treated those vietnam veterans when they returned, the way they did, should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. ...... that is not American. And if you claim to be american, while crapping on your fellow Americans, than you are a coward.

    When I got out, people treated me 100% better than the way my dad was treated, and it breaks my heart.
    If there was one thing I could give him, it would be the same welcome home that these current veterans are getting.

    Happy independence day, I hope your dog's survived.
  3. Dick, respectfully standing by my words little or less. Agreed, being an informed citizen, voting, paying our systems required taxes and conducting yourself is great. We have tremendous numbers of great citizens.

    Expressing freedom and securing freedom, at least in my mind, are not equal. Both are exceptional attributes in our nation.
  4. both the dog(Benny) & I survived by taking liberal doses of Ezra brooks,I mix mine Benny likes his on the rocks !
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  5. Tell that to my bladder when some nimrod sets one off behind my back. either one.
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  6. We just went through a fireworks free weekend in Wenatchee!

    The city cancelled the "official" fireworks event. County banned fireworks and open fires outside the urban zone and posted signs. The Forest Service banned open campfires outside of campgrounds (fireworks are always banned on National Forests).

    After the three quick moving fires prior to the 4th the message might have gotten out. So it was quiet and peaceful last night for the first time in 27 years.

    Is that PM 2.5 graph for Pyuallup due to fireworks?? That is really unbelievable if true!

    PM 2.5 is nasty, nasty stuff. Looking at the Darrington graph indicates it actually might be fireworks.

    We rented our vacation home to a couple from Seattle. They said they wanted their dogs out of the war, I never knew it was that bad on the coast.
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  7. This is so true, and has given me an everlasting hatred of hippies. We were spat upon, had dogshit thrown at us, bashed in the face with their "protest" signs, but... it was ever so enjoyable when 4 or 5 "college boys" from UNR, complete with tie die t-shirts, long hair & beards made the mistake of calling 2 of my buddies and me baby killers in a Reno bar one afternoon, they were Green Berets; guess they picked up on our "high & tight" hair. Maybe they though they would impress the chicks they were with. Bad move, to attract the attention of 3 tyrannosaurs.... REALLY bad move. We did get the girls' phone numbers though:cool:

  8. Great to hear that this can actually be done in Eastern Washington.
  9. Alex,
    I am so sorry you, and all other vietnam veterans had to deal with that.
    It is shameful.
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  10. If I may be so bold to say, all of us fall victim to the "media monster" propaganda from time to time. Rarely do we get the full story anymore. The "hippies" (in my opinion) were just like today's youth, just wanting something/someone to be mad at, and unfortunately, they picked the soldiers.

    Hate the media outlets that propagated that "baby killers" crap, and not give the whole story - as if they could/would anyway. Bad news and lies sell air time.

    It's not as if our armed men go into battle with the thought of killing young children. :rolleyes: That's where I'd hold anyone accountable - come on man (hippies), think for a second...

    You can't possible understand what those men went through, unless you experienced it yourself.
  11. I think it is fair, even important, given that many on this forum were not around during the Vietnam era, to point out that the behavior mgamby rightfully criticizes was that of a small minority of the many who opposed the war and worked hard to bring it to an end. Most who had an understanding of the sociopolitical tenets of that war understood that the soldiers were every bit as much victims as the Vietnamese were. Even "Maggie" (I ain't gonna work on Maggie's farm no more") Macnamara, one of the prime architects of that war, acknowledged as much years later.

  12. I

    It was just the Wenatchee Valley that was quiet.

    from the Wenatchee World....ORONDO — Twenty-two residents were evacuated Friday night after fireworks ignited tall, dry brush in Brays Canyon near Orondo and a large diesel tank used for farm equipment fuel was threatened.
  13. Interesting that I had mentioned my old house in Sedro Woolley earlier in this thread. I happened to drive by it today and guess what? Yep, they caught it on fire last night. Looked pretty much gutted. For a hundred plus year old house I would think its life is done. To bad. We did a lot of work on that old house before we sold it 8 or 9 years ago. What a pathetic way to celebrate the greatest country on earth.
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  14. I spent the 4th on a small island in the San Juans with my family. We could see from Birch Bay to the Lummi Rez. It was an impressive show to say the least.

    Today I trailered my boat through the lummi reservation and the amount of firework containers on the street, driveways etc. was truly staggerring. I wonder what Birch Bay looked like today. I have become a bit numb to fireworks. They've never thrilled me, but it's one day a year and if that's what people like they can go for it. I do wish people would clean up a bit better though.

    Go Sox,
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  15. Hike up your skirt a little more.
    Bitch whine and complain... okay we get it... you dont like the fireworks.
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  16. What? You don't like people speaking there minds? Turn off your monitor then you won't have to hear me. The assholes burnt down my old house. I thought it was ironic after I mentioned having to stay home on the 4th to prevent them from doing so 10 years ago when I lived there. Whine, whine, whine, whine. Did your hear me? Oh, let me say it again, the assholes burnt down my old house on the 4th of July celebrating their freedom to destroy other people lives. Way cool! Did you hear me that time?
  17. Alex, had something similar happen in Oakland Airport on my way home after 2 years in Nam. Pretty little California girl asked if I was just back from the war. Being a young paratrooper proud of my service, I said yes, she threw runny dog crap on me and my uniform. I couldn't hit a woman, so the long haired, bearded peacenik next to her caught my wrath. About 15 of his demonstrating friends came to help him and my buddy from the 173d Airborne, a guy from the 101st Airborne and two Green Berets came to my aid. It was 5 to 15, we had them outnumbered. The hippies were trying to fight while we were full on combat mode.
  18. Cedar shingles, by chance?
  19. When it comes to the Vietnam War there's a few things to remember. One, there was no clear reason as to why the hell we were there. And two, guys were drafted to fight in a war if they wanted to or not.

    So, we were involved in a war that no one understood why the hell we were there and guys could be snatched off the streets to go fight it.

    Very few that I knew joined the military to fight in Vietnam. Most were drafted. When you're forced to fight a war for no clear reason, that changes everything. We were not attacked by North Vietnam so why the hell were we there? South Vietnam was ran by a corrupt government and they had no oil so what was the point of dying there? Friends of mine who were drafted and sent to Vietnam, came back and told me not to go. Do anything to avoid going. They told me it was insanity with no clear mission other than to kill those they were told to kill.

    As a result, I became one of the anti war protestors. To this day, no one has been able to explain to me why we were there. It seems to me, that some rich American, old white guys somewhere were gaining something but those forced into fighting that war gained nothing. I know our country gained nothing and would have gained nothing even if we would have won.

    Unfortunately, the trend against the war had it wrong. Many blamed the warriors instead of the war and that was wrong. We learned from that. Now, at least, we don't blame those returning from the mess in Iraq and Afghanistan but we do hold those to blame who sent our troops there.

    As we should. Iraq, like Vietnam, was a huge mistake. The difference was, there was no draft so there was no significant anti war movement. We did have a reason to attack Afghanistan but it wasn't to fight the Taliban... we invaded their country to rid it of Bin Hide'n and his merry band of religious nuts. Once they were driven out of Afghanistan, we should have left the country. Again, our attack was not to free Afghanistan of the Taliban (who we supported when they were fighting the USSR) but to get those responsible for 911.

    That we did so we should no longer be in that country. Not every country wants nor needs democracy so we should not try to force that form of government on anyone. To do so makes us no different than those who wished to force communism on the world.

    I thought that we learned something from the Vietnam mistake. I thought we were never supposed to enter another war without a clear exit plan or more exact, a reason why the hell were are at war and what is required to stop participating in that war. WWI and WWII was well justified because we had been attacked. Everyone knew why we were there and most who joined the military did so because they wanted to. Our presence in Afghanistan was justified up to a point... that point has passed.

    No American should be put in harms way by being forced to fight in a war that makes no sense and has nothing to do with the safety of our country. No American life is worth the greed of the old rich, white guys who are not on the front lines and are making money from that war.

    The so called Powell Doctrine should be followed to the letter.

    Back on track. I like fireworks. Most guys do. We like to blow stuff up. Gin and I would buy lots of fireworks and set them off each 4th in the street in front of our house. But our new dog is scared to death of fireworks so we no longer buy any. I don't begrudge those who do.

    The 4th is a celebration of our break from England. Fireworks most likely come from our National Anthem that mentions rockets and explosions.

    It really has nothing to do with any recent wars or the military personnel who fought in those wars. It's all about the creation of our country.
  20. No. The guy that bought it from me tore off the shake roof and replaced it with comp. The house was empty and for sale the last time I seen it several months ago. Cool old house. No one knew for sure when it was built. It was assumed sometime around 1900. It wasn't there in some old pictures, then it was. Back when it was built they didn't need permits.

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