NFR Fireworks?

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  1. I would doubt that an 18 year old in 1965 would know more than a 45 year old world leader. 18 year olds of that era weren't that damned smart. Most didn't even know what they wanted to do the next day.
  2. Bill, that is true. But the parents certainly should have questioned why their kid was drafted to fight a war with no clear goal other than because our government at the time said it was the thing to do.

    And the same old guys who where running the country at the time and sending 18 year olds into a jungle to fight for their lives... later decided that Vietnam was indeed a mistake and we shouldn't have been involved. They decided that a little late.

    If the adult public wouldn't have finally had enough and started questioning authority... we'd still be there.

    Just my thoughts on the subject. Best for me to skip this thread and return to the sport of flyfishing.
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  3. Alex, Thanksgiving Day, 1967, Hill 875. Yup, I made that one. I got a DEROS drop and 7 days after getting off the hill I was sitting in my Dad's living room in San Diego. Talk about culture shock.

    Alex, you and I both know what we did and why we did it. Sometimes you just have to stand up for the little guy. Those who didn't see what we saw or do what we did will never understand. Welcome Home, Brother. I'm going fishing today. You?

    Oh, and it was 58,209 not 40,000.
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  4. If I haven't said it before, welcome home to you too, Brother. They'll never know, and I'm glad most of them never will. We don't need to revisit those times, or trot out our demons. I was still training stateside then; got in country in November of 67 and promptly got shipped off to Kerry's boat squadron (he's a dipshit, for the record!) for three go-rounds on Eldest Son before we got TAD elsewhere. We pretty much got used to the weather just before TET, and what a joy that was! Even today, not a week goes by that I don't raise my glass to our absent brothers.

    Tandy and I took our fatbikes up to Winthrop today to ride Sun Mountain, which was a ton of fun! I'm even beginning to enjoy climbing hills, BUT... The Methow's coming into shape very quickly, and should be perfect by next week! We should go! Maybe we can convince Sue to guide us???
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