First build - 9' 5 weight

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by bigdood, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. Just wanted to post a couple pics here from my first build. Figured I've used the knowledge that's been shared here quite a bit, wanted to post a few pics of the build in progress as this forum is a little slower to see content than the others and so other first timers aren't intimidated.

    This build is for a buddy of mine that is getting married in two months. His bachelor party is in a few weeks at a friend's cabin up on the Metolius. I've never liked giving people the same ol' same ol' shit and figured that as Chris is one of those friends that would go to war for you that I'd try something a bit different. He's a big Timbers fan so going with a Timbers-esque colorway (though the blank is obviously more Sounders :rolleyes: ). Had to go easy on the yellow as too much yellow and green start pushing towards Oregon Ducks, and as a Husky that's unacceptable.

    The main ingredients


    Shimming the blank with masking tape to hold the cork steady


    The Timbers jersey has white sleeves with three green stripes on 'em. Figured I'd tie that theme in on the ferrule wraps. Like the girls I date I'd say the wraps are good from far but far from good (though with some burnishing and finagling they now look good enough)


    Green guide wraps tipped in yellow

    Things I've learned thus far:
    -Practice wrapping, wrapping and wrapping again before ever actually wrapping your guides. After a few attempts you'll get a feel for the tension you need
    -For me it's easier to wrap using a fly tying bobbin than it was using my homemade tensioner. I'm guessing it'd be easier with a non-ghetto tensioner but the bobbin has been great thus far, I owe a beer to whomever made that suggestion on this site.
    -Rod building is a lot like having Tourettes (the coprolalia version - thanks wikipedia!) interspersed with moments of zen. Far more truck driver than zen master in my case.

    Anyways, will post up pics of the final when all is said and done.
  2. Killer idea on the gift. What blank is that?
  3. You can never have too much green and the day! :D:)
  4. Looking good, since this is your first rod you might want to do a dry run with the epoxy. You could put a wrap on a piece of wood dowel. I find the epoxy is the hardest part to master by far.
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  5. I second the epoxy dry run. The difference between finish on rod 1 and finish on rod 2 for me was night and day, although there were still things to correct after rod 2 and we'll see how it turns out on rod 3 coming up soon.

    Another thing to consider, if you haven't already, is final thread color. Are you using NCP thread or regular nylon? If using nylon thread are you going to use color preserver? If no color preserver, have you whet a finished thread wrap to get an idea of the color change that will happen after the finish is applied? Just a heads up that I learned on my own :oops:
  6. It's one of those Roger Penrose/ebay blanks. They are cheap, and my in-depth research (aka 20 seconds of Googling) showed that they are good enough.

    Great idea and will DEFINITELY do that

    Regular thread with color preserver. Anglers Workshop had a mocked up rod with a bunch of different threads wrapped, both color protected and non-, so you could see the final colors.
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  7. Where's the unlike button at again?
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  8. Great advice. I sacrificed an old ugly stick as my practice rod for just this reason. Some threads will become translucent with epoxy, bright greens to dark greens, etc. For my second rod I had green wraps with red accents and you could not tell them apart after I applied the epoxy.
  9. Good work BigDood, seems that you thought it through and eliminated a few of the first run accidents that I went through :eek: Can't wait to see the finished product!
  10. Nice job, can't wait finished product! Just keep those wraps in the sleeve tight enough, I can see gaps there. Hmm, nice simple colours you have chosen! Nothing too fancy, I like it!

  11. Quack Quack...what you a U of O grad? Cheaters :p
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  12. Im sure you are done by now but if you have any questions about any step in this process please feel free to pm me. And def dry run with epoxy on an old blank to make sure you are consistent with your mix. A two part mix must be perfect. Ive found also with color preserve that the more coats the better. If you really like the color of the thread dry- put at least 3 coats on to ensure that it looks that good when finished.. Please show finished pics, looks great so far.

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