First fish in the salt!

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by fishboy1120, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. So the past year ive been fishing titlow beach, probably about a dozen times with no success. But tonight the tide looked perfect as the sun was going down, and with the full moon I thought it would be the perfect night. I wasn't on the water till about 7:15 and I started on the far end and fished it pretty hard with nothing. it was getting darker and I still hard the whole beach to fish. I started down and worked my way back to the truck, stopping for a cast or two every 20ft or so. it was almost right at the point where there were a patch of submerged boulders, so I threw my line right in the middle of the two big rocks, two strips and BAM! landed a 16in what I think to be a SCR but with my lack of experience and the low light who really knows. Overall a great night at the local beach!
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  2. Grats! Sounds like you had a sweet session! My luck at that beach has always ended with the number 0, so it's inspiring to see some success!
  3. NIce! Don't see too many folks here from U.P. I've been wanting to try Titlow and have even less experience on the salt than you do, but maybe we should hook up and try it sometime?
  4. ive been trying to get out there once or twice a week, we could easily meet up there sometime
  5. I'd say that little experience would call for a big dollop of a good single-malt! ;)

    Good on ya, mate!!
  6. Nice work brother. Keep at it, the SRC will be around in force soon.
  7. Congrats! My only fish from Titlow to date was a starry flounder.

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