First fly you caught a fish on???

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  1. It must've been 1957. I was 13 and our family was spending a week at Gillette lake east of Colville. I had my Dad's old bamboo fly rod with floating line so I bought a couple "mosquitoes" at the fishing camp's store and caught rainbow trout all week. I can still remember how exciting that first little trout was.
  2. mine was a tied down caddis buck, on the South Fork Nehalem, for cutthroat trout. I caught many, many trout with that fly, and still do.
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  3. I love the Nehalem and it's tribs.
  4. I spit my drink over the screen reading this. Hilarious

  5. I'm not entirely sure, but probably a Royal Coachman, but possibly a wooly worm since those were my first two flies in my possession...I do know where though, Mill Creek up in the Blue Mtns. outside of Walla Walla. I came a little late to the game and started flyfishing in college...damn, it's been 20+ years already...
  6. A beat up Joe's Hopper on Granite Creek near Priest Lake Idaho.
  7. Buddies and I used to go backpacking for 2 or 3 nights at a time in the Eagle Cap Wilderness area around the 7th and 8th grade. We rigged mosquito patterns behind spinning bobbers and just nailed them. The reel was a Mitchel 300. It is on top of my desk in my home office.
  8. It was a Elk hair caddis on the the Trask it was a 4" cutthroat.
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  9. First fish was on a Light or Dark Hendrikson in the mid seventies.Maybe it was a bivisible.Or maybe a Cahill.I only had like three flies,with no waders and some sort of fly rod.My grandfather was the only sportsman in the family, and fished the BeaverKill with bamboo Payne rods. I fished in Western Masssachusetts.I think I still have the original Plueger reel.It was magic.
  10. Do you still have the Payne rod's?.
  11. queen of the waters. in a trib of the clearwater near culdesac. rod was a 3 piece bamboo which i did not like and still done. the year was 1953 and i was 12. the limit was 20 trout with 3 under 6 inches. i remember when the limit was 12 trout in washington then we got to many people. oh well my limit is zero. mike w
  12. You know,I had one Payne rod,which was a beauty.When I first fished Montana in '81 I used this rod and nearly broke it on a large Brown.Soon after i started fishing with a Lamiglass and then graphite.The bamboo rod collected dust until I decided to sell it and reinvest in newer rods.I still own a L.C.Smith 12 gauge from my grandfather which I am more attached to.No regrets, I'm sure he has looked down over the years and has satisfaction one grandson is obsessed with fly-rodding.
  13. I don't recall the first fly I ever caught a fish on. I do recall the first fly I ever tied to catch a fish. Sadly it was not me. Fishing the sno below the hatchery,a friend of mine pulled in a small SH with a hares ear I had tied. I was thrilled that something I had tied could actually work.
  14. First fish was before the first actual cast. Tied on a mosquito dry fly, and in the process of shaking out some line got hit by a rainbow. slight lift of the rod, short fight, relaxed the rod, fish dove into the net. Perfect.
  15. Adams, #14 on Mashel river Eatonville, wa. 8" cutthroat.
  16. Royal Wulff, Provo River, Utah
  17. I don't know if the "W" word is acceptable but when necessary I believe the term "Garden Hackle" is okay.

    Nice diagram.

  18. A renegade on a little lake in the Colville NF in eastern WA. I still love that fly. It's a great attractor for rainbows.

  19. 14 Olive Scud - Black Butte Ranch pond in Central Oregon back in '97. Had no friggin clue what I was doing.

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