First fly you caught a fish on???

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  1. A Royal Coachman--Kootney river below Nelson
  2. Hares Ear on Trillium Lake near Mt Hood on a stocker rainbow.
  3. Brown bugger with a red tail in Lake Mamie, Mammoth Lakes.
  4. Black Carey special on a lake in the Potholes. The small sizes were maybe mistaken for a chironomid, which I didn't have a clue what that was back then.
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  5. Prince Nymph on the Bogachiel river in July, 8-10" trout.
  6. Some non-descript cheap wet fly I got out of mix of flies at a local sporting goods in my hometown in PA kinda like what I've seen in Big 5 Sports. Caught a 10" small mouth bass in Sherman's Creek in South Central PA and was happy as could be.
  7. I think it was called a Drunken Crab.Crazy Crab? Anyway, caught a surf perch off the beach in front of the Del Coronado Hotel on Coronado Island, San Diego.

    First trout was caught on a deer hair beetle on the Kaweah River in Sequoia Nat'l Park.
  8. The first fly I used that I caught my first fly rod fish on was an Orvis Jassid that I tied from a Orvis fly tying kit.
  9. Wow u tied they fly u caught ur first fish on?
  10. Size 16 Yellow Palmer. Little River, Smoky Mountains, Tennessee. A fat brown trout scarfed it up as the fly drifted past a rock in the middle of the river. I'll never forget that take!
  11. A #12 Wire Nymph soft hackle, it was a rainbow trout on a small stream just out of town.
    It was also one of the first few flies I learned to tie.
  12. Thev First Fly I caught a fish on was the first fly I tied. It was supposed to be a double humped Tom Thumb as I remember but when finished I just called it a Big Ugly. It was a size 12 I think and on my first cast i got my first fish!What luck I thought, but after numerous C&R i was hooked and have been a FF since. I still tie the Big Ugly and it always works. The commercial ones work too once they are beat up and take on the magical characteristics of the Big
  13. I have no idea whats it was called, but I caught an 8 inch rainbow on the San Miguel river in CO.
  14. Royal Coachman on Bear Creek in my back yard in Utah. Houses there now.
  15. Seems like a lot of the good spots that has happened to.:(
  16. Olive Bugger... Pacific Creek. Mid Day strip through a deep hole, have the picture someplace. The trout did make an impact but i have to say that my first steelhead really is what screwed me!
  17. Black bugger, seeps lake rainbow.
  18. A red ant on the Rogue.
  19. I only remember that the fish was a rainbow, it was small and the fly was nondescript. Probably something that looked really good to me and who cares what the fish think. I may have bought a plastic bag full of them at the local sporting goods store. Three for $0.25 kind of flies.

    I do recall that it awoke an addiction in me that I have not been able to control for the last fifty years.
  20. I was 12 and running a double per grandpa’s instruction. I had a #16 royal stimulator on top with a #14 Joe Hopper on bottom. Joe got eaten by a 22” Montana Brown.


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