First fly you caught a fish on???

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Eric Denny, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Eric Denny

    Eric Denny It's summer time I'm fishing!!

    NIce pic and from the sounds of it you had your hands I can see what hooked
  2. Nol

    Nol Needs to fish more..

    Elk hair caddis....south fork of the snoqualmie


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  4. JohnB

    JohnB Member

    Caught a 14 inch Rainbow on a Royal Wulff in Ross Lake, WA.
  5. ColdArkansan

    ColdArkansan Redneck Scientist

    Red Ass, Little Red River, Arkansas.
  6. FT

    FT Active Member

    I'm 60 now and I started fly fishing at age 5 when my fly fishing father taught me to fly cast and fly fish in Pennsylvania where I grew up. It was so long ago that I have no clue what fly it was. The only things I remember about the day are that I fell in because I was wet wading and wearing rubber-soled canvas top sneakers that were slippery than all get out, and dad had me use a wet fly fished in the old classic down-and-across manner with little lifts of the rod tip. I wasn't suprised when I hooked and landed a trout in that small freestone stream because I had seen dad and his best friend do so many times. But I was sure hooked and have done nothing but fly fish ever since.
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  7. NWstonefly

    NWstonefly New Member

    Elk hair caddis on the Snoqualmie middle fork
  8. smole

    smole Member

    As has been mentioned several times, my first fly caught fish was on a Carey Special.
  9. Teenage Entomologist

    Teenage Entomologist Gotta love the pteronarcys.

    19 incher on a #14 copper John in a trout lake in Northern California. Hog rainbow
  10. FerrousTortoise

    FerrousTortoise Hana Pa`a

    Elk hair caddis on the MF of the Snoqualmie.
  11. fishunt

    fishunt Member

    Another vote for a Carey special - probably green - in the Potholes
  12. astrofisher

    astrofisher Clear Skies

    12" cutthroat on an orange stimulator - Deschutes River (Wa.)
  13. Gary C. Brown

    Gary C. Brown Les Paul Lover

    Royal Coachman on Bahr Creek in the Wasatch Range in Utah. I was probably 8 years old.
  14. Ginger Quill on the upper Piedra River 10 years old. I had fished every day I could for two years with a fly rod and finally caught my first fish.
  15. WA-Fly

    WA-Fly Active Member

    My first fish on the fly was an 8 inch bass caught on a size 8 olive bugger
  16. Cole L

    Cole L Fish Fiend

    royal coachmen in the wallace river when I was about 7 years. Probably caught about 40 fish that first day
  17. Pretty sure it was a san juan worm. First fish on a dry fly was with some yellow and black thing but I'm not quite sure what it was called. I do remember losing it in the tree behind me on my next cast though.
  18. tinman207

    tinman207 Active Member

    Cutthroat on a green Carey, but that was with a spinning rod and trolling. My first on a fly rod was a little large mouth bass on a renegade. I had an Eagleclaw rod that converted from spincasting to a fly rod. I spent hours trying to teach myself to flyfish with that heavy sucker when I was about 12.
  19. Alex MacDonald

    Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

    Putah Creek down near Winters in CA; about 18 inches of mean brown on a yellow sally. I was working to untangle a bird nest and wasn't paying attention to the fly. He came up and took it, then sank down again without me seeing anything. Once I got the mess straightened up, I thought I'd snagged something. Somewhere I'd read that browns like to sulk down on the bottom, and to get them up was to tension the line and smack the butt of the rod, which I did. This thing promptly came out of the water and shocked me so much I fell over! But I did land the fish!! That was in 1972, first time out with a fly rod, my dad's Montague Sunbeam, with a Pfleuger automatic reel and a greased line. I still have that rig!