First Legit Steelhead

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Chawhee, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. Went over to the Clearwater yesterday. Swung the spey for a bit, no dice. Afterwords I tried out the new centerpin in the slower stuff. SUPRISE SUPRISE! 5/6 Steelies landed, with only one hatchery fish. I felt really dirty pinning, but man was it worth it! Pictures attached.
    Disclamer: All fish were treated very humanely. Natched barbs, kept in water and the like. They darted off after release and left me with a smile.

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  2. Noice work such an awesome feeling
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  3. Congratulations man. I am very happy for you.
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  4. You need to go get yours! Let me reassure you, all that time, money spent to reel one of these guys in is worth it.
  5. great looking fish congrats!
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  6. Thanks! Weird thing, they were ALL females. I would assume that these fish are just hanging out in some of the colder water, because they are too small to be B run?

  7. Clearwater gets A and B. B's are coming.
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  8. Nothing dirty about pinning and I have become quite passionate about it, Pin to Win. Nice batch of fish and I would love to go fish the Clearwater for a chance at them.
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  9. No shame in pinning whatsoever. I find it to be infinitely more enjoyable than tossing a nymph rig on a fly rod.
  10. congrats on the fish. nothing dirty about gear fishing.

  11. A lot better than throwing a indicator on a fly rod. Still getting a hang of the Walis cast, timing seems to be important haha.
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  12. Let me know! Im in Pullman, so it is not too far away. David Dalan and I are planning on heading out there a few times over the course of fall.
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  13. We are indeed :)
  14. If this was your first legit steelhead, were the previous ones illegitimate? And if so, why?

  15. He didn't know the mother.
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  16. haha, well caught one in the Cowlitz on the swing. Only it was a mere 17 inches or so. I know for sure I have caught them in AK, but was targeting salmon. So essentially, this is the first time I have successfully targeted and caught one that was a respectable size.
  17. On the Swannnnnng! Unbelievable.

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