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  1. Was wondering what some of the best online sources are to buy rod building supplies, and also rod building instruction. I bought a Sage One 6126 blank kind of scared to mess it up being my first rod build. Since its a higher end blank I dont want to skimp on cork, guides ect. Recommendations on what to buy?? Thanks!
  2. Either Shoff or Anglers Workshop in WA are good. There are others back east but those two are local.
  3. That is a Hell of a first blank
    What town are you in? chances are that you will have a shop or a builder around you that will be more then willing to help you out on a fist build. Batson has some new premade grips for Spey and they look and feel great for a pre made grip.
  4. I live in Arcata, California. There is a fly shop here that sell some rod building supplies but he tends to be pretty old school. Pretty sure I wont be able to get the latest and greatest from him. I was going to buy that rod but got a killer deal on the blank so I dove in head first! Know of any rod builders down here that could coach a guy along? I look into those grips. Thanks!
  5. I would ask that shop owner about rod building classes or find out about a club in your area
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  6. Sorry, I ment a fly fishing club. They sometimes have rod building classes or have someone that builds rods in the club
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  7. Mud Hole, Cabela, Hook & Hackle, the Madison River Fishing Company, and J. Stockard. Also, there are lots of dvd's on sale, and free stuff on YouTube and elsewhere. But nothing beats a competent instructor working with you.
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  8. take a look at snake guides, he's got some outstanding stuff that would be great on that rod. it need's the best. no I don't own or work for them but I will be ordering from him for an old fiberglass rod that I just got an want to spiff up.
  9. Agree with some of the information above.
    - There are a lot of cheap blanks/kits on the big auction site. Buy one and build it first. Give it to a kid that wants to try fishing. The lessons you learn will be worth more than the price you paid.
    - try to find a local club or builder and get some help for the first build
    - For a high end build I would only use snake brand universal guides - they are great, require no prep, feet are even. Makes wrapping easy. The best guides period. Mike the owner is also a great guy.
    - All the above mentioned sources for components are good. Look around the up coming holiday weekend for possible sales. They also have videos on how-to which are worth checking out.
    - YouTube also has many rod building videos as well. There is one guy that does a 16 part series on building a fly rod that is good (a little long, but good).
    - Really good cork is hard to come by and is expensive, especially for spey rods.
  10. I have used hook and hackle, mud hole and j.s.stockard. I have had mediocre success with these companies. Anglers workshop in WA carries the best variety and will let you known if have back ordered any items. Building your first rod comes with many first time hurdles to overcome. Please let me know of any questions you have. You have a great blank and can build yourself the best rod you desire if you take your time and do it right. Every step is important. If you know a builder have home walk you thru it, or else inquire elsewhere for step by step help. I'm always available! Good luck
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