First Time Tenkara

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  1. My first time fishing Tenkara:
    I fished an Iwana outfit for three days on a stream I know as intimately as any piece of water I fish. My fly of choice was anything as long as it was a #14 pheasant tail soft hackle. I swung my fly on the level line with six feet of 6X tippet. I cast across and down with the rod held sometimes high, sometimes low and, occasionally, under the water. I caught all the fish I wanted. Maybe it wasn't a fair "test" because I always catch fish on this stream.

    I only reached for the nonexistent reel the first couple times I hooked up. Moving from spot to spot through streamside brush is daunting. Landing fish and unhooking flies from tree limbs is not difficult if you follow the instructions in the book. The only problem was letting the really large fish run because they cannot. The rod made noises I didn't think a rod could make and the telescoping sections tightened tighter. The 6X tippet parted ways at the flyline before I could jump in the river ala Brad Pitt in "The Movie." Tenkara fishing was not the end all and be all for me but it was a great diversion and change. It was a a total hoot.

    Leland image.jpg image.jpg
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  2. Leland, if you include the title of the thread you owe three drinks :)
  3. I purchased two rods from a forum member last week. Can't wait to try them out soon. It really looks like a hoot.
  4. nice skinny water. glad ya had fun
  5. That's a cool creek
  6. "Moving from spot to spot through streamside brush is daunting."
    If you collapse the rod when you move from spot to spot it is much less daunting than with a regular fly rod. Take advantage of the telescopic nature of the rods.
  7. Looks like some of the streams I've fished in Montana! Her ladyship's got a Tenkara, but has never used it-never used her Spey or switch rods, either! Glad you had fun Leland!
  8. Seems like this gig is somewhat a small-ball it really feasible to play/land large fish? I love the give and take of a fish working the rod and reel, the latter which is rarely needed on small fish. That water looks enticing no matter how it's fished.
  9. There are various sized rods. The one I had (iwana) is for small streams and fish. Some guys have used the larger rods in the Yakima and have caught pinks in the Sky.

  10. Tenkara is a fun way to fish on small streams , but it has its limitations. I doubt I will trade in my 2 handers and become a tenkara steelheader any time soon...
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