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  1. This usually doesn't happen to often unless you are old and just forgot.
  2. Not usually, but I've not had much chance to use either my Spey rod or my switch here. I love casting, and as long as the things do what i want, I'm not focused on the minutae, and about all I can tell you is that there's a Scandi on my switch, 640gr. If you pressed me, I'd agree with BassTurds's recommendation, and I'd never use one of those Rio versa-tip setups. I started with them, which at the time sounded like a good idea, but found because of the line connector loops they tended to hang up on all sorts of stuff, and performed less than optimum. So it was back to different lines on different spools to get the best performance with varying conditions. I'm evolving into a minimalist sort of guy, but over the last 45 or so years, I've acquired a ton of stuff I won't use/don't need. So the extra stuff went away. I trust you're going to post photos of this rod? Something like that, I'd consider priceless!

    Aberdeen, eh? Ever get back? There's the River Don, and the Dee practically running through town, and inland there's the Spey. Quite a place! We hailed from Clackmannanshire, and Tarbert, Isle of Harris prior to relocating in Menstrie.
  3. Well??:D
  4. Been there 3 times in my short life but never to fish.Cycling,though it's been over a decade since that.One day before my end ,The Aberdeenshire,is where I'd like to stand.I'm just a fella looking for some experienced opinions to my questions.Not in search of accolades or acknowledgement to my skills or lack there of.My life is lived on a paupers wages.I AM THE EPITOME OF A MINIMALIST.An investment in a spey/skagit line is many months savings squirreled away to attain.The used reel I just purchased was $132 which took my egg money for the last 3 years.An informed buyer I must be before a decision is finalized as the end result will be the only line employed for many years to come.
    As for the picture of the afformentioned rod,that will not come any time soon as a camera is not something I possess.Also I do not think uploading files on this public computer is allowed.
    Thank-you for sharing some of your heritage with me.
  5. Lots of guys sell stuff in the classifieds, so you might be surprised! As you've seen there's plenty of very knowledgeable folks on, also. That's part of what we're here for... That, and giving each other plenty of good-natured gas!
  6. I wish I was had more spey knowledge so I could help such a grateful new member out as much as possible. I would share every tip and trick I knew for sure.
  7. So today went and looked at a few "actual" spey rods?????? I don't think the rod I have is a spey rod.
    The Sage and G.Loomis in the store were both 9wt 15ft. and the flex that came down all the way into the handle was more than the flex that comes to the second(of 4 from the tip) joint of my 10 wt.
    Hope I can still cast those sink tips overhand nicely??

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