First trip to central Oregon

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  1. Just got in to Eagle Crest and took a look at the Deschutes here. Was NOT the same as my expectations, which is a GOOD thing as far as I'm concerned! What I was expecting was bigger water with little or no wadeable water from shore. That's all I'd ever seen in pictures. Must have all been shot on the lower river. What I've seen here so far is skinny water that appears to be very wadeable. Stopped at Cline Falls State Park to look around and saw what looked like some good sized fish rising. I am SO stoked for my first chance to fish it tomorrow morning! :D:D:D
    Brewpubs aren't bad either! One in Sisters and one in Redmond, so far.

    Also planning on at least one day on the Crooked and maybe some time on the McKenzie on our way to Seaside next week.

    I'll follow up on this post.
  2. I stayed at Eagle Crest this summer and fished the river where it runs along the Eagle Crest property. There are some nice trails that give you access to the river. I only got to fish it for a couple hours one evening, but there is a lot of nice looking water in the area. There was a fly shop in Redmond that was very helpful as well.
  3. Three weeks ago, when I was over there, there was a great PMD hatch on the Crooked in the afternoon. A light colored small Comparadun was the ticket.
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  4. Summer time on the part of the river between Bend and Lake Billy Chinook is always low, irrigation controlled.
    There are some mighty big browns, white fish, rainbows.
    Watch your step, "buzz bunnies".
  5. Did you hit three creeks brewery in sisters? Love that place...
  6. Yes on Three Creeks and the Fly Fishers Place in Sisters. Also hit Smith Rock Brewing in Redmond yesterday.

    Hit the river today and, while no fish played, I learned that the mile upstream from Cline Falls State Park is better suited to floating than wading or bank fishing. The next mile+ upstream is a much better section for both access and wading. Did see one splashy rise (a dry?) and 2 deer and got some good exercise. Heading up to the Crooked tomorrow.

    Also hit Fin & Fire fly shop in Redmond. Interesting place. They sell Traeger barbecues, lots of fly gear, and they have 36 beer taps in the back corner. Having their Grand Reopening on Saturday with free food and discounted growler fills! Oh yeah!

    Also hit the 7th Street Brew House (Cascade Lakes Brewing) in Redmond and, of course, the Deschutes Brewing Pub in Bend. 10 more to go in Bend:D.
  7. Your signature should say "Much beer, a little more drinking"" instead of "Much fishing a little more catching"!! :p

    Man, that place is loaded with awesome beer. I worked there for a month once a few years back and never ran out of new places to hang out & new beers to try.

    FYI, The football crowd on Sundays downtown can get a little rowdy. Have fun!!
  8. Made it up to the Crooked River today. Fished at Big Bend, just below Bowman Dam. The article in the Fly Fishing Guide to Oregon claims 8000 fish per mile. While I only landed 2, I think that per mile number may be conservative! I've never seen that many fish rising in one place except in a hatchery! Every area I stopped at on the way out had similar numbers of rising fish everywhere I looked. Only down side was the size. Mine were 9 and 10 inches, but they were healthy fish and a lot of fun on a 3 weight.
    I had two other hookups with ldr and I don't know how many takes, mostly on a #18 BWO.

    Topped off the day with another trip into Bend to Bend Brewing and McMenamins Old Saint Francis.
  9. Try out Crux, its a new brewery in Bend (slightly outside of downtown), but it is tasty.

    Or if you have a smartphone there is a "Bend Ale Trail" free app that shows you all of the breweries there and info on em.
  10. I fished the Crooked on new years day two years ago. I managed a beautiful 14" redband and a bunch of pretty nice whitefish. I love whitefish. I don't understand why some people hate them.
  11. Yeah, the Bend Ale Trail is exactly what we're doing :):D. Crux is definitely on our list. We've hit 4 on the trail so far, plus 2 others in Redmond.

    Hit the Deschutes today below the Eagle Crest resort. Had 5 hookups with 3 in the net. Two 6" Redbands and one 10" whitefish. I wouldn't mind catching more of the whitefish! It put a nice bend in my 5 wt and put up a nice fight. The redbands were healthy, pretty little fish! Look at those shoulders!

    Deschutes Redband.JPG
  12. No whitefish on the Crooked?!?! That is home to giant hogs every bit of 3 pounds!
    We run either a scud or a bigger bhpt for the top fly and then a sz 14 or so hares ear for the bottom. Tic that rig along the bottom and you will get both, big whitefish as well as bigger rainbows!
  13. A 10-inch whitefish from the middle D is actually sorta on the small side... the Giant Whitefish of Sumatra live in the middle and lower D.
  14. Lasted only about 45 minutes on the Deschutes yesterday morning before the wind caused a retreat. Did manage to catch the biggest 'bow I've caught on the D in that time. All of 8 and a half inches ;)! At least I was using the 3 wt this time.
    Spent the rest of the day at Fin and Fire's re-grand opening here in Redmond and then went in to Bend to finish off the last of the spots on the Bend Ale Trail map.
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  15. Last day on the Deschutes this afternoon. Only spent a little time at Lower Bridge Way. Had one brief hookup with what I'm pretty sure was a small 'bow judging by the "flash" when it rolled, just before it came unbuttoned. I was about to give up when I hooked and landed a 9" Brown. Pretty little fish and fought well.

    For me the fishing has been pretty successful, since most of my prior fishing has been in lakes and on Puget Sound. Five days of fishing, About 7 for 14. I know it's not huge numbers or large fish, but that's only one "skunk" day, and that's pretty good for me!

    Planning on hitting the Crooked one last time tomorrow for as long as I (and my back) can handle. Maybe the fish gods will smile on me and I'll manage more and larger fish ;).
  16. The fish gods smiled! Four 10 inchers and last one was a fat 13 incher! Of course it took 4.5 hours to get there.
    The refusals were almost as exiting as the actual takes. With the milky water (normal condition) the fish looked like little dark submarines as they'd come up to the surface to look at the fly. Very neat!
  17. Thanks for your report.

    Did you try the Metolius? It is a spring creek with very snobby fish. I have fished it a few times with very limited success, but it is a beautiful river that forces you to up your game. Cold, crystal clear water - heavily fished, the fish have seen it all.
  18. Didn't make it to the Metolius. Too much time spent completing the Bend Ale Trail (12 tasting rooms or brewpubs in 7 days). We did make a stop on the McKenzie on our way to the coast. My wife managed to hook one 6-8 inch fish on gear with LDR while I managed 2 steelhead. Of course, mine were only 3" smolts. :rolleyes:
    Stopped in Eugene briefly for dinner and at Ninkasi and Oakshire and then headed to Seaside.
    I'm strongly considering fishing the Necanicum River on Friday. Looked at it yesterday and it was running clear but pretty fast & high at the park just south of town. I'll take another look at it this afternoon and see if a little over a day of drier weather has brought it into more wadeable shape.
  19. If you rely only on dry flies, you will have a difficult time -- unless you hike far into the gorge area and away from the beaten path. I learned how to nymph fish with a dropper system and a dead-drift on The Met. If you can master the technique, you will catch a lot of fish no matter where you are on the river.

    Most folks are dry fly or die so they don't do all that well. For me, it is a nymph river.

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