Fish Can Jump

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  1. The jumping trout gave me an idea to start a thread dedicated to jumping fish shots... regardless of make or model. These shots include, shad, Dorado, trout and small mouth bass:







  2. that is definitely NOT a fish :eek:
  3. Nope, ya can't count that one.
  4. He's setting it up but hasn't made the jump yet:

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  5. Everyone knows goldfish can't jump...
  6. a killer pass lake hatch

    another one of favorite alligator patterns i love tying up. super hard to cast tho
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  7. Sharks are fish. It counts, no matter how scary.
  8. You want jumping fish?

    Just hope Asian silver carp never invade our western waters!! I've heard that folks have been injured and some water skiers even killed by members of this crazy invasive species.

  9. And of course there's some tried-and-true methods for catching these elusive carp:

    Sorry, Gene, for changing the focus of your thread. Let's hope other peeps have nice pics of airborne fish on the end of their lines!

    BTW, I *really* like the Dorado shots. Those are absolutely beautiful fish!!
  10. Yeah, fish can jump. But white men can't jump.
  11. Especially OLD white men! eh, Jim?

  12. My OOPS - I was thinking that is an Orca :confused:
  13. I did too....

    Dipnet... no biggie. The thread is doomed to sillyness... so be it. :)

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