NFR Fish in My Driveway

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  1. This year my furnace oil tank was found to have water in it from a leak. This also means that it was probably leaking oil into the ground and contaminating the soil.
    Thank god I have insurance with the oil company and the state with Pollution Liability Insurance Agency.
    To make a long story short, the tank was decommissioned and replaced at a cost of approximately $24,500, with my cost of approximately $1500.
    I did have to find a concrete contractor to fill and patch the new tank. His name is Bill McLean. Great guy who is honest, fair and most of all affordable. If you ever have a need for a concrete project, he is your guy. The best part is he was a fisherman. At age 81, he is still doing concrete jobs.
    Attached are some photos of the fish he put in my driveway and of some stepping stones he made for me with the extra concrete. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  2. Your pictures are upside down. But they are viewable.
  3. Thanks Jim
    Wish I knew how to rotate them or why they are upside down. I posted them from my ipad and they viewed ok. From my computer they view upside down.
  4. Hatchery brats, nice
  5. That's cool. We have a number of flyfishing related outside artwork at our place but we don't have anything like that.
  6. Nicely done!
  7. That is so cool man what a good idea

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  8. I can see Mark in his pram on his lawn dangling a chromie a few inches over his new driveway. Probably would get a dozen or so. Very cool work.

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  9. Those are very cool!
  10. Doug
    First thing I thought of doing!!
    Also can use the stepping stones for casting practice to rehab my shoulder.

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