Fish Lake near Cheney

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  1. I have not fished this lake for a few years now. What kind of fish are in there? Has it gone the way of the bass or does it still have good sized fish in there?
  2. The last time I fished it was May 2008. Brookies and tigers were available. Better than average fish for a put-and-take general regs lake.
  3. Yep, it isnt very fishable into the late summer do to water temps and mortality (plus the fish taste bad)

    but there are a few trout in it, lots of sunfish/bluegill or some other annying shit that is just big enough to take a dry, but small enough to continue casting with the fish on...

    If you get out this way send me a pm i can probably get out there with ya and dial you into some of the better zones.
  4. I'm curious if anyone has fished this in the last year. I was out there last spring; I always catch fish but it's never been hot for me there. I have yet to figure out a consistent method for that lake. WDFW mentioned in the weekender report that they treated the lake this year and it should be good. I hope so, I'd like to get into some brookies and tigers there.
  5. I fished it last year and did well trolling. Last I heard they were gonna fish kill it again to get rid of the spinyrays.
  6. Why are the planting trout fry in Fish lake? Is that to feed the spinyray population that survived? Hmm.... that makes sense :confused:

    20 to 30 yrs ago, they would just have an open fishing with no limit. Post poster on every street corner, and you're sure to get the "freelancers" to come out of the wood work. They'd have that lake bass/perch/pike free in one weekend! Might have a little derby to support it even.

    But no...let's just dump in more fry.

    The definition of Insanity: Doing the same thing, over and over, expecting different result.
  7. They did an emergency reg change last season and changed the limits before it closed to unlimited if I remember right.
  8. Sure is a good thing we get to choose where we fish and which fish we target. I even enjoy the 100% artificial stocked lakes.

    When the powers that be earmark a lake that has the potential to support brookies, browns, tigers, etc. and do the work to develop that fishery, I'm happy to buy my license and support that effort.
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  9. Good point.

    If I remember right, brookies, browns, and tigers do better in still water anyway vs rainbows don't they? I have two friends that are fish bios, and I think that's what they told me. I think one of them told me that a brookie could almost live in a mud puddle, in comparison to a rainbow that needs more oxygen than brookies or browns... Maybe I have it backwards though.
  10. we have been catching a large number of fish there last week I went 3 times for a couple of beers and fishing. I was not able to keep them off
    a lot of 10" but caught a few 17" bows and saw a couple of large brooks water feeling really warm on my legs don't have the temp but
    about to move north for colder water
  11. You have it right.
    Browns tolerate warmer water than rainbows
    Brooks are char that do well in lakes and can spawn in lakes, whereas bows require moving water to spawn
    Tigers are brook/brown hybrids.
  12. Good for you!! Glad you are getting out. I saw a picture of a couple monster brook trout taken from this lake a few days ago.
    You and Tony fishing together?

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