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  1. A couple a weeks ago I spent four days fishing with good friends on the St Joe river above and below Avery, Idaho. Fishing was good, water was a bit high according to the locals. I landed about 20 cutthroat with the largest measuring 15 inches. Most of the fish were in the 12-14 inch range with an occasional fish going 10 inches. Weather was hot with blue skies the first day then it clouded up an rained off and on the next three days. Great fly shop in Avery and the owner was very helpful with info on flows, boat ramps, and of course the hot fly of the week. IMGP0219.JPG
  2. I love the Avery area. Great fishing, and beautiful valley/river. Hope to get back up there soon.
  3. Thank you for the update. What were the dates you fished? We are going at the very end of July. Hopefully things will still be good there.
  4. We fished from June 22-June 26.
  5. I am heading there this weekend (7/11-7/13). I have heard it is fishing well with nymphs as the water is still a bit high.

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  6. I caught all my fish on stimulators with an orange body, size 12. The guys I fished with caught several on PMD's.
  7. Dry flies... that's what I like to hear!
  8. Did you treat yourself to a huckleberry shake? :D
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  9. No but we had a great breakfast at Calder (sp?) one morning.
  10. Never been to the area, how far from Spokane is it, if you don't mind me asking. Heard it is beautiful up there always wanted to go!

  11. Two hours to the lower river or Calder (depending on which part of Spokane you are leaving from), up to about three hours (maybe less) to the end or Spruce Tree. You can fish anywhere in between.
  12. Great place !! Be there in a couple weeks !!!
  13. We fished the St. Joe over the weekend and had a riot. Over the course of two days, we floated every inch of the river from Eagle Creek down to Marble Creek. Lots of activity from Eagle Creek down to the take-out at a primitive campsite (about 6.5 miles down from EC). We found the fish to be a bit bigger below Skookum Canyon, but this could have had to do with the time of day we were floating and/or subtle changes to our techniques as we learned more about the river. The slowest section for us was several miles below the fly shop in Avery to Marble Creek. I noticed a pullout on the south side of the river at about mile 44.5—we'll probably end our floats there next time if conditions and water levels are similar.

    We had great luck with anything green, both droppers and dries. For dries, we had good luck picking patterns to match the hatch, then using green, blue or purple. Several large fish were landed on green foam bodied stimulators. We ran into several folks (including semi-locals) who thought the fishing was slow. As I mentioned before, we were bringing fish to the boat at a pretty good rate, so if that's "slow," I can't wait to see what "average" or "great" is!

    The other big highlight of the trip was picking up and using pbunbury's and my new Freestone Drifter. Assembly was pretty straight forward, and after a quick trip from NRS in Moscow to Lewiston to pick up a trailer, we were in business. As Parker mentioned in his post, the boat rows and fishes like a dream. We had previously owned a 16' WF Clacka, and there is practically nothing major I miss from the hardsided boat. The obvious benefit to the IDB is of course being able to comfortably float water that is typically "raft only." Skookum Canyon was a pretty wild ride, and Parker rowed it masterfully, but I'm glad we didn't do it in a fiberglass boat! We're working on a more detailed review—so feel free to shoot me questions and we'll try to answer it in the post.

    boat at nrs.JPG
    Picking up the new rig in Moscow.

    threm loop.JPG
    Ryan throwing loops on the Joe.

    parker loop.JPG
    Parker slinging his 2wt with Ryan and the IDB below.

    Loved the colors on these westslope cuts!

    14 incher.JPG
    Yours truly with a Sunday afternoon 14-incher.

    columbia gorge.JPG
    Photo op with the new craft on the way home to Seattle on Sunday night.
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  14. Great report, nice boat, beautiful fish. We too did better on the lower river below Marble Creek. However, I did catch my biggest fish above Red Ives at the horse camp.
  15. My dad loves that river so much that my middle name is Avery.

    I realize now that I never stood a chance of not being a fisherman.
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