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  1. A friend of mine offered me a 2pc, 9ft 5wt fisher brand y rod that has the markings swallows nest and Yakima on it. Anyone know anything about these rods?

    I am going to line it up and give it a cast
  2. All I know is that the Swallow's Nest was a pretty well known Seattle outdoor gear supplier until they went out of business in when?.....the late '90s or so? I used to spend a fair bit of coin with them. Never knew they sold fly-fishing equipment though!

    Geez, that makes me think of a couple of other outdoor shops from back then. Anyone else remember Early Winters or Schonhofen? I sold my one man Early Winters tent, the "Pocket Hotel", a long time ago but I still have my custom-made Schonhofen pack!
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  3. I believe Fisher rods were made in the Bay Area. They had a pretty loyal following.
    I used to shop at the Swallows Nest when they were located near lake union and later when they moved to 6th ave.
    I bought my first Ross Gunnison from Les Johnson while he was working there.
  4. J. Kennedy Fisher built some rods, but a lot more blanks, if fiberglass and then graphite. They were excellent rods that were used by makers like Winston and Cortland under their labels. The classic graphite was noted for its silky smoothness. I have one, and another of their slightly faster graphite.
  5. PO,you are a lucky person to have that rod.
  6. Just strung it up and cast it. Was surprisingly smooth, moderate action rod with a really nice feel and practically mint!
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  7. Swallows nest was the best west side outdoor shop in the golden years when Seattle companies dominated the exploding outdoor industry. I spent tons of money there on backpacking gear and was really sorry to see them close. You're lucky to have the rod.
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  8. Me too! I used to go in to look and come out with a bag full!
  9. Swallows Nest was a great hang out for me talking to Les and Mike Kinney.
  10. Spent quite a bit of money on climbing gear there back in the early 90s. The guys in there really knew their stuff with regards to the routes at Index that we were mostly climbing then. Ah, the good ol' Swallows Nest...
  11. They were one of the best shops, along with Ptarmigan Mountaineering in the U district. Use to visit both a lot in the late 70s and early 80s. Heck, Dave Page, the cobbler, was in the same building as the Swallows Nest by Lake Union. The good old days...

  12. Dave Page is still, IMO, the best cobbler out there. I've taken boots to him at his shop in Fremont in recent years - never disappointed.
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  13. Page is still in business? Wow! I can remember having him re-soling some Asolo telemark boots way back in the mid-80s! Great job at a great price!

  14. Still one of the most respected cobblers in the nation! He and his crew get a lot of work forwarded to them from hiking and climbing boot makers.
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  15. I liked my various climbing shoes better after getting a resole there. Amazing how well they could do a rand.

    Ok. We've clearly hijacked this thread. ;)
  16. It's all good. I appreciate all the historical color. Nice to find something that's a little piece of local history--especially in mint condition!
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  17. Especially a moderate action rod (hard to find these days) that you like. Score, man!
  18. The real prize was a never fished, 1967 hardy phantom bamboo rod. It's been on the wall of my friends dads cabin for almost 50 years!
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