Fishing Near Corvallis in Late Sept.

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  1. I will be heading down to Corvallis in the next week or two and having never fished there, I am wondering what my fishing options will be. I am hauling a trailer down so throwing on the pontoon boat won't be any big deal and I assume there are shuttles available at the local fly shops. I searched the history and saw a nice thread but it was geared for the month of May. The Mackenzie, Santiam, and Willamette were mentioned. I'd prefer to fish for steelhead, cutthroat or rainbow trout but smallmouth would not be out of the equation either although they may be farther south than what I want to travel from Corvallis as I was hoping to keep it within an hour of there.

    Any thoughts on fishing down there in September?
  2. If you have the time, you might consider the upper clack on your way through. It's been fishing well for me and I suck at fishing.
  3. Darn, you should have been at the WVFF meeting the other night as Michael T Wiiliams did a great presentation on the Willamette. Give me a shout and I'll fill you in...
  4. Late September is salmon time down there for me. But if steelhead is your thing the Siletz fishes well for late summer runs until it blows out the first time. Try Moonshine park and upstream. There are also steel in the Santiam, the upper drifts will put you over fish. Call in at the fly shop and they will give you more options.
  5. Late September is steelhead, SRC time on the coastal rivers. That's where I head this time of year.

    If you prefer trout, The McKenzie and The Willamette are good choices.

    The best Sept stillwaters require a 2-3 hour drive up into the Cascades.

    Here's the site to the Corvallis fly shop, Wes is the owner. Most likely, they can let you know where the action is.
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  6. coastal rivers aren't too far from you. I'd hit the Alsea and a few of it's tributaries. Nice hike in spots within the Siuslaw nat forest. I did a two day backpacking trip in that area this last weekend. Sea-runs are appearing as are the salmon.
  7. Gene...headin to the S for SRC and Steelhead this weekend in the upper reaches...
    Will ya be able to make it??
    Will be in the blue wagon...Hope to see ya.
  8. I never thought about it until now but Oregon has its own list of "S" rivers like Puget Sound. Let's see, Santiam, Siletz, Siuslaw, Salmon, Salmonberry...

  9. Gene's where I first met him in person.
  10. Yup... I lucked out that day and landed and whacked a hatchery steelhead. It's the coastal river I fish the most often for SRC and Steelhead.


    Before the salmon runs declined, I fished the Alsea for those guys. When it came to chum salmon, I'd head to the Miami and the Kilchis.

    Those were the days...

    The "S" in Oregon is still pretty good for steelies and SRC. Plus, it's remote enough that you can get away from other anglers.

    Terry... there's a heck of a storm headed this way so I doubt if I'll be out in it this weekend. I've never done well fishing during monsoons. :)

  11. Three days ago the weather report had Showers 40%, two days ago it had Mostly Sunny 0%, yesterday it had Rain 60%...I haven't looked today, BUT I need a FISHIN' FIX badly...Rain or Shine....I'M GOIN'!!!
  12. Go ahead on... Considering the reliability of the weather forecasts, you probably have a 50/50 chance of a storm actually showing up.
  13. Well the trip was cancelled, and good it was...river rose to 10.16ft for the day. rained a little.

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