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    Yah one more thing ......... from the Irish

    "Fish, especially trout and salmon, have a special association with holy wells. These fish living in holy wells were thought to possess both eternal life and wisdom; they were the holders of the knowledge of the gods and the Otherworld. We should remember that the fish is and was a universal symbol of the Great Goddess and was taken as a symbol of Jesus and Christianity by the early church authorities to remove a totally Pagan symbol of faith. According to Celtic tradition, fish were thought to be the spirit of a transformed human being that had been trapped in a well and turned into the magical salmon or trout—transformed to become the guardian spirit of that well throughout time. "

    Remember that when you're hooked up with a native run fish.

    And read, I think its called. "The Hawk's Well", again by Yeats, on matters of immortality and mortality.

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    “Glory be to God for dappled things for skies of couple-color as a brinded cow; For rose-moles all in stipple upon trout that swim”

    There you go, bro. G.M. Hopkins hisself.

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    I hate to ruin one of the tracks in your playlist, but Silverfish aren't fish or even fish food. They're terrestrial insects that sometimes get into peoples' homes and cause infestations when they feed on dry food products.

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    John Prine, Fish and Whistle
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    Primus, dude! Les Claypool is a flyfisherman and writes some awesome fishing songs:

    Ol' Diamondback Sturgeon (Fisherman's Chronicles part 3)
    Fish On (Fisherman's Chronicles part 2)
    The Family and the Fishing Net
    John The Fisherman
    Wynonna's Big Brown Beaver should be included for other reasons.......:rofl:

    I'm also partial to Spinal Tap's "Break Like The Wind", an ode to my buddy Tim's fishing trip habit................:rofl:
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    iagree iagree iagree
    listening to Primus on a soggy, gray northwest day would put anyone in the mood to fish.......How about an award for Mingo for the "Avatar of the Year Award"???
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    I didn't notice if any suggested "Lazy Bones", Leon Redbone.
    When you go fishin'
    Bet you keep wishin'
    The fish don't bite at your line
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    "Madison Brown" and "Ocean of Dreams" by Ben Winship

    Ocean of Dreams is awesome story of a trout from smolt, running to sea and then back to the river as a big boy.

    Also the "Important part of Fishing" by Tim Bays and "Fish Ain't Biting" by Corey Harris.

    All of these songs are on a CD that Ben Winship put together.
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    iagree iagree iagree iagree iagree iagree iagree iagree

    Avatar of the Century Award! Each avatar, he continues to outdo himself . . .
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    "Two Trains Runnin'" by The Lamont Cranston Band, because of this lyric:

    "I wish I was a catfish,
    Swimmin' in the deep blue sea,
    And all you good lookin' women
    would be fishin' after me!"

    Listen to this song at ear-bleeding levels first thing in the morning on your trip over to the Basin Lakes or to Lenore, and there is no reason to stop at Starbucks to pick up an caffeinated coffee . . . . :thumb:
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    Speaking of ear-bleeding levels.........

    When the still sea conspires an armor
    And her sullen and aborted
    Currents breed tiny monsters
    True sailing is dead
    Awkward instant
    And the first animal is jettisoned
    Legs furiously pumping
    Their stiff green gallop
    And heads bob up
    In mute nostril agony
    Carefully refined
    And sealed over

    Jim Morrsion, "Horse Latitudes"

    The Doors can only be played at redline, and speakers can be replaced. The miles go by quickly and I agree, Richard, you don't need the caffeine!

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    I'm glad to see that someone posted Taj Mahal's "Fishin' Blues". It's great. I got to see him perform that one live in November--he's as great as ever! I know there are more Taj songs that would work, but can't think of them off the top of my head. He's got "Divin' Duck Blues" for you hunters: "If the river was whiskey and I was a divin' duck, I'd swim to the bottom baby and never come up".

    Taj is actually into fishing. Someone else mentioned Les Claypool--anybody know of other musicians who dig fishing? Derek Trucks is one, and the lesser known Jimmy Herring is, too.

    There's a great new song about water (but not fishing) on the new Joan Osborne CD (entitled "Pretty Little Stranger"--truth in advertising). It's a countryesque/Emmylou Harris kind of album with the song "Holy Waters". It sounds great, and that particular song is a bit ethereal and would make for nice fishing music.

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    Jimmy Buffett is a fly fisherman. I once heard him on an interview say something to the effect that he couldn't play the guitar like Eric Clapton but he had a better double haul:)
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    CSN&Y: Down by the river
    Talking Heads: Take me to the river
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    These songs aren't about fishing, because singing about fishing isn't usually something I do. Though I do sometimes change song lyrics to apply to fishing. This is a list of songs I like to listen to on 92.5 on my way to and from fishing:
    1. Beyoncé - "Baby Boy"
    2. Barry White - "Never, Never Gonna Give You Up"
    3. Snow - "Informer"
    4. Britney Spears - "Toxic"
    5. Janet Jackson - "What Have You Done For Me Lately"
    6. Beyoncé featuring Slim Thug - "Check On It"
    7. Rockwell - "Somebody's Watching Me"
    8. Mary J. Blige - "Family Affair"
    9. R. Kelly - "Ignition"
    10. Missy Elliot- "Get Ur Freak On"
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    Mellisa Etheridge "Somebody Bring Me Some Water".
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    Jimmy Buffett- Fins

    "Fins to the left, fins to the right, and you're the only bait in town."

    Brad Paisley- Aint Nothin Like

    Songs that don't directly mention fishing, but seem to catch the essence of winter steelheading:

    U2- Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

    Jimmy Buffett- Fruitcakes
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    I have to second the Primus nomination. And from the OP's list, anyone who hasn't heard Tom Waits "Better Off Without a Wife" is missing out. (Just don't let your wife hear it!)