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  1. Bobby MCfaren:Don't worry, be happy, and if you don't think that is a fishing song, I think my BIG MOUTH BILLY BASS, would beg to differ:p as he sings to me every morning :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  2. How about Nirvana's Something In The Way...."it's ok to fish because they don't have any feelings":confused: :beer2:
  3. I have one of those little MP3 players, the ZEN and right now I have Bony James (light Jazz) Les Paul and a bunch of big names playing tribute (otta hear ZZ Tops version of Bad Case or Loving You) followed by Blue deVille (whoever they are :) ) then Van Halen with both Hagar and Roth, finishing off with Aerosmiths greatest hits. Love it!
  4. Taj Mahal tune is a great one, but if it's songs about flyfishing for trout or salmon, I'd have to agree with Flyboy@ak- The Fishing Music cd by Winship & Thompson, hands down.
  5. Now I know how that double post happens.
  6. Whiskey River - Willie Nelson's opening song for his shows for years and years now.

    Greg Brown - Laughing River

    Greg Brown - Just By Myself:
    "And I'll go fishin'-- get with the flow.
    I know a river in Idaho.
    I'll catch a big trout and let him go,
    and I'll be happy just by myself.
    (BTW, "Dream Cafe" from Greg Brown is a great album and has both of these songs on it).

    Yonder Mt String Band - Follow Me Down to the Riverside. Killer breakneck bluegrass/jamgrass. Find a live version (pretty easy, check in their live music archive).

    And another vote for the "Good Ol' Grateful Dead" - Breakdown Palace is one of the best songs of all time. A great jumping off point for anybody interested in learning more about this classic American band.

    I'm listening to the elements when I'm in the water - the music is there if you listen for it.
  7. The River - by the Boss.
  8. Sweetwater... kudos for mentioning "Dream Cafe". Greg Brown gets a lot of play time on my way to and from the river.

  9. How about these !!
    #1 Bare naked ladies = Alcohal
    #2 Uncle Tupalo = I got drunk
    #3 REO Speed Wagon = Roll with the changes
    #4 Shawn Mullins = Twin rocks ,Oregon
    #5 Crash test dummies = Swatting flies
    #6 Train = Free
    #7 Willie Nelson = Milk cow blues
    #8 Waren Zevon = Poor pitiful me
    #9 Big head todd = Love transmision
    #10 Cash = I've been everywhere
  10. Buffet is indeed a fly fisherman, and a "Pirate Looks at 40" brings out the, fisherman, tom cat, drug runner and over-all scaliwag in all of us. Plus, he's actually speaking from experience:

    Mother, mother ocean, I have heard you call
    Wanted to sail upon your waters since I was three feet tall
    You've seen it all, you've seen it all

    Watched the men who rode you switch from sails to steam
    And in your belly you hold the treasures few have ever seen
    Most of 'em dream, most of 'em dream

    Yes I am a pirate, two hundred years too late
    The cannons don't thunder, there's nothin' to plunder
    I'm an over-forty victim of fate
    Arriving too late, arriving too late

    I've done a bit of smugglin', I've run my share of grass
    I made enough money to buy Miami, but I pissed it away so fast
    Never meant to last, never meant to last

    And I have been drunk now for over two weeks
    I passed out and I rallied and I sprung a few leaks
    But I got stop wishin', got to go fishin'
    Down to rock bottom again
    Just a few friends, just a few friends

    I go for younger women, lived with several awhile
    Though I ran 'em away, they'd come back one day
    Still could manage to smile
    Just takes a while, just takes a while

    Mother, mother ocean, after all the years I've found
    My occupational hazard being my occupation's just not around
    I feel like I've drowned, gonna head uptown

    I feel like I've drowned, gonna head uptown

    But if you appreciate the haunting sounds of Irish Folk, then the Waterboys' Fisherman's Blues has got to be one of the more beautifully poetic songs - that also happens to have something to do with fishing - ever conceived.

    I wish I was a fisherman
    tumblin' on the seas
    far away from dry land
    and it's bitter memories
    castin' out my sweet line
    with abandonment and love
    no ceiling bearin' down on me
    save the starry sky above

    with light in my head
    with you in my arms...

    i wish i was the brakeman
    on a hurtlin fevered train
    crashin head long into the heartland
    like a cannon in the rain
    with the feelin of the sleepers
    and the burnin of the coal
    countin the towns flashin by
    and a night that's full of soul

    with light in my head
    with you in my arms...

    And I know I will be loosened
    from the bonds that hold me fast
    and the chains all around me
    will fall away at last
    and on that grand and fateful day
    I will take thee in my hand
    I will ride on a train
    I will be the fisherman

    With light in my head
    You in my arms...

    Light in my head
    You in my arms...

    Light in my head

    With light in my head
    You in my arms...

  11. OK - remember you started this.

    Now its your job to get all this stuff on a disc and make it available to WFF at a reasonable price, of course.

  12. Ahh yes and just one more, from Lou Reed, with a footnote ......

    Some like wine and some like hops
    but what I really love is my scotch
    It's the power, the power of positive drinking

    Some people ruin their drinks with ice
    and then they, they ask you for advice
    They tell you, I've never told anyone else before

    They say, Candy is dandy but liquor makes quipsters
    and I don't like mixers, or sippers or sob sisters
    You know, you have to be real careful where you sit down
    in a bar these days

    And then some people drink to unleash their libidos
    and other people drink to prop up their egos
    It's my burdon, man, people say
    I have the kind of face you can trust

    The pow-pow-pow-pow-power of positive drinking
    The pow-pow-pow-pow-power of positive
    The pow-pow-pow-pow-power of positive
    the pow-pow-pow-pow-power of positive
    the pow-pow-pow-pow-power of positive drinking

    Some people say, alcohol makes you less lucid
    and think that's true if you're kind of stupid
    I'm not that kind that get's himself burned twice

    And some say liquor kills the cells in your head
    and for that matter so does getting out of bed
    When I exit, I'll go out gracefully, shot in my hand

    The pow-pow-pow-pow-power of positive drinking
    The pow-pow-pow-pow-power of positive
    The pow-pow-pow-pow-power of positive
    the pow-pow-pow-pow-power of positive
    the pow-pow-pow-pow-power of positive drinking

    Now the footnote. My Mom, now 87 years of age, has always said "candy is dandy but liquor is quicker". Apologies to Lou, but I'll stick with my Mom's version.

  13. Otter- That's a lot of good stuff for just one disk.

    Here's some more:
    Pogues- Dirty old town
    Pogues- Misty Morning Albert Bridge
    The Clash- Death is a star
    The Clash- Crooked Beat
    The Clash- London Calling

    There's some stuff that probably belongs on a different collection. Some of it would be better in "WFF Drinking Songs":beer2:

    I reckon there's probably a 100:1 ratio of good drinking songs to good fishing songs, and no doubt Sloan and Porter would have "Back in Black" on both of 'em. My WFF #1 drinking song would have to be along the lines of Kevin B with Uncle Tupelo's- I got drunk (and I fell down) topping the list. :beer1:

    Standout crossover tunes (Fishing and Drinking) would be:
    Whiskey River- Willie Nelson
    Woodie Guthrie and Ramblin' Jack Elliot- Talking Fishing Blues

    Coolkyle, I love your posts and insights, but I am compelled to say something, britney spears and janet jackson listened to voluntarily can kill brain cells worse than heavy alcohol use. Furthermore those songs (excepting Barry White) are the textbook PSYOPS playlist blasted out through the streets of Baghdad. And look at the madness that has come because of it?

    Try rotating your dial (or internet) to the left, to KEXP 90.3- The Roadhouse (Wednesday 6-9pm) Swingin' Doors (Thursday 6-9) and Positive Vibrations (Saturday 9-12) and Preachin' the blues (Sunday 9-12) all are outstanding examples of how good commercial-free radio can be. These guys dig through the vaults to play some terrific stuff, music that they actually care about. It's a momentary setback on the drive to fish when I lose reception to the Vibrations on a Saturday morning drive up to the YAK...

  14. Yah. Now we've got the classic fish hugger situation. Make a disc, several discs, for sale. Proceeds to go to the fish. Maybe pull in the Hoh River Trust. Who knows?

    You up for unknown ground?

    I could go on but tomorrow is a strong day & I need to Z.


  15. Yah. Now we've got the classic fish hugger situation. Make a disc, several discs, for sale. Proceeds to go to the fish. Maybe pull in the Hoh River Trust. Who knows?

    You up for unknown ground?

    I could go on but tomorrow is a strong day & I need to Z.

  16. For the Kings- "Hit the Road Jack" Ray Charles
    For the Chums- "War Pigs" Black Sabath
    For thr Humpies- "My Humps" -Black Eyed Peas
    For the Silvers- "Man on the Silver Mountain" -Ronnie James Dio
    For the Cutties- "The Tide is High" -Blondie
    For the Bass- "Badfish" Sublime
    For The Poachers "Karma Police" Radio Head
    For Getting Skunked "Story Of My Life" -Social D
    For the Good Days on the Lake "Lake Of Fire"" -Nirvana
    For Any day of fishing "Today was a Good Day" -Ice cube

    Oh and a special dedication to the "guy" at Lone Lake.
    Me and my buddy quote these lyrics everytime we run into you.

    Tool: Eulogy

    He had a lot to say
    He had a lot of nothing to say.
    We'll miss him
    We're gonna miss him

    Standing above the crowd
    he had a voice that was strong and loud
    We'll miss him
    We're gonna miss him

    No way
    to recall
    what it was that you had said to me,
    like I care at alll.
    But he was sooo louuud.
    You sure could yell.
    You took a stand on every little thing
    and soooo louuuuuuuuud.
  17. My Ipod is always filled with techno mixes, but on the Kasilof river in June on the kill them all days we have playing on the boombox in the boat of course, Metallica- Kill them all!
  18. I'm pretty sure most charities would be hesitant to accept donations that were a result of illegal music piracy. Could cause more harm than good.
  19. Greg Brown with Bill Morrissey

    "Fishing with Bill"

    Man what a winter,
    Sorrow wide and deep.
    Is it just the media industry or the whole country
    That is turning into sheep?
    I wanna go to a good place
    With a friend of mine,
    Cast our souls out in the river
    And watch the whole deal shine.
    Some little crick in Massachusetts, just over the hill,
    Oh I, I'm goin' fishin' with Bill.

    Well, Bill, I bet he is a good fly caster.
    He grew up on these eastern brooks.
    Me, I grew up on the midwestern cricks
    Casting crappie flies for chubs and such.
    But in my young imagination,
    I watched a Number 20 Coachman settle down,
    Sitting by the stove in that little library
    Reading Roderick L. Haig Brown.
    I never did fish in Vancouver. I probably never will.
    I don't care. I'm goin' fishin' with Bill.

    Well, it's a long and noble tradition,
    Catching trout on the fly.
    When you're done, with the setting of the sun,
    Gonna drink a little bourbon if you're dry.
    See some folks out on the river,
    Cool, scientific and clean.
    They look like everything just kinda stuck to them
    The last time they walked through ol' L. L. Bean.
    My friend, Dave, says the good fishermen are the ones who have fun and we will.
    Oh I, I'm goin' fishin' with Bill.

    Sittin' in a bar in Brattleboro
    Thinkin' about one of his songs.
    The rain was pourin' down, and I was pourin' it down,
    And all I could do was hum along.
    We've talked about goin' fishin' so often
    At some party when the gig was done.
    Well, life slips by like a little dry fly
    Sliding down a deep slick run,
    So let us stand steady like an old mill.
    Oh I, I'm goin' fishin' with Bill.

    Maybe Handsome Molly will pass by
    As we cast away the hours.
    Somewhere on a river somewhere far away
    >From stupid people in positions of power.
    Someday when we ain't folk singers
    Flyin' through the friendly skies.
    We won't be waiting for the big break
    Or anything except the evening rise
    On some spring crick in Wisconsin or maybe the Batten Kill.
    Oh I, I'm goin' fishin' with Bill.
    I'm goin' fishin' with um um,
    I'm goin' fishin' with Bill...yes, I am,
    I'm goin' fishin' with Bill.

    G: Y'know, Bill?
    B: Wha? Wha?
    G: I think if we just tried a little, some kinda little streamer right
    over there; go ahead and cast over...
    B: What d'ya got - a blasting cap?
    G: See that clump of grass over there...
    B: A Number 12 blasting cap...
    G: ... on the other side over there?
    B: Yeah, yeah I see that.
    G: I have a feelin' there's about a 5 1/2 pound rainbow under one of them...
    B: Ah, 6...
    G: ...just waitin' for someone to come along...and catch...
    B: I'll catch the fish.
    G: We need to catch just one trout here, Bill...just one..
    B: What? Ya hungry?
    G: ...'cause I'm hungry, I don't know about you...
    B: Well, I'll catch the fish.
    G: I know we're both catch and release guys. I know we believe in that,
    but if we caught just one trout, we could eat it, couldn't we, so we could
    sustain ourselves and the beautiful spirit of the trout would become part of
    us....and I'm hungry.
    B: Ah, ah...
    G: Well, I'm not complainin' 'bout gettin' lost today.
    B: We, we weren't lost, Greg, ah...
    G: We've seen a lot of parts of Massachusetts I've never seen before; it's
    not that, it's...
    B: ...the map was broken.
    G:'s late and we need to catch one trout and put...
    B: ...ok, ok, alright, I'll...
    G: on the grill if it's OK.
    B: Alright.

    Goin' fishin' with Bill.
    Goin' fishin' with Bill.
    Goin' fishin' with Bill.
  20. i like country most but i have abuddy who is a lot younger then me who likes rap and all that other music i call crap. but when it is hot out he likes the thong song, and the one that talks about big butts but i cant remember the name of that one tho. i think those are good fishin songs because thats the kind of view that makes a hot day on the lake even better.

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