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  1. Great one! "Madison Brown" is my personal favorite, wasn't sure if anybody else even knew about it. "Ocean of Dreams" is up there too. Funny thing is, I didn't even know who sang them until now...
  2. Awesomely funny:rofl: :thumb:
    (Yeh, I know...I'm "easily amused.")
  3. Hi...Be kind, I'm a newbie!

    Found this forum while doing a search for fishing songs and I wanted to take this opportunity to not only join up, but to add a playlist based upon the suggestions in this thread, and more.

    Hope you enjoy. :thumb:

    My Songs for Fishing playlist: Songs for Fishing
  4. I saw this post today, when ReelCombo revived the thread. I joined the list after the original post was out. One I would suggest is
    "Fishing with Bill" from the Rounder Records CD "Friend of Mine" by Greg Brown and Bill Morrissey.

    I was a principal folk music DJ for the local station KBCS for over 21 years. I looked thru the posts, to see if this was already listed, but there were too many pages to check all very closely.

    The Dude
  5. "EUGENE" by Greg Brown

    Outstanding! I heard this song from AK Powder Monkey on here. It is great! You'll love it. :thumb:
  6. I can't believe no one has mentioned The Fish Cheer by Country Joe and the Fish.

    Am I the only guy around who remembers 1969? At least I remember some of it. ptyd
  7. "All Summer Long" by Kidd Rock:
    Catching Walleye from the dock
    Watching the waves roll off the rocks
    She'll forever hold a spot inside my soul
    We'd blister in the sun
    We couldn't wait for night to come
    To hit that sand and play some rock and roll

    "Christian Island" by Gordon Lightfoot ** bonus points for references to fishing AND scotch whisky
    I'm sailing down the summer day
    Where the fish and seagulls play
    I put my troubles all away
    And when the gales comes up I'll fill my cup
    With the whisky of the Highlands
    She's a good old ship and she'll make the trip
    From the lee of Christian Island

    "Gone Fishing" by Chris Rea (Rea offers a great blues guitar sound with raspy vocals)
    "Im gone fishing
    I got me a line
    Nothing I do is gonna make the difference
    So Im taking the time

    And you aint never gonna be happy
    Anyhow, anyway
    So Im gone fishing
    And Im going today

    Im gone fishing
    Sounds crazy I know
    I know nothing about fishing
    But just watch me go

    And when the time has come
    I will look back and see
    Peace on the shoreline
    That could have been me

    You can waste a whole lifetime
    Trying to be
    What you think is expected of you
    But youll never be free

    May as well go fishing"


    "Druthers" by John Denver (a noted fly fisher)
    "If I had my druthers I'd go fishing,
    Find myself a lake and a lazy day.
    If I had my druthers I'd quit wishing,
    Get off the old caboose get on my way.
    Give me whole lots of laughter, great big barrels of fun,
    A nighttime full of romance, a daytime full of sun.
    If I had my druthers I'd go flying,
    Looking for the things I'd like to see.
    If I had my druthers I'd be trying, trying
    The only way to be what I can be.
    Give me somebody to love me, make me feel like the only one,
    And something that's worth doing, Lord, I feel good when it's "
  8. Neal Young- DOWN BY THE RIVER
    The theme song to - A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT!
    Theme from the Andy Griffith Show -THE FISHING HOLE
    Tom T Hall GONE FISHIN'
    Randy Travis PRAY FOR THE FISH
    Ray Stevens TOO DRUNK TO FISH
    Kevin Fowler BEER, BAIT AND AMMO
    Woodie Guthrie TALKIN' FISHIN' BLUE
    and of course,
    Annie Lennox TAKE ME TO THE RIVER

    there are more. If I think of them I'll add them later.
  9. OK, I'll bite. Being a music lover, this thread finally pulled me out of "lurk" mode to make my first post to this group...

    Bob Dylan, "Hurricane":
    "...'It's my work', he'd say,And I'll do it for pay.
    And when it's all over I'd just as soon go on my way;
    Up into some paradise
    Where the trout streams flow And the air is nice."

    String Cheese Incident, "Sometimes a River":
    "Sometimes a river, Sometimes a river runs high;
    Sometimes a river, Sometimes a river runs dry..."

    String Cheese Incident, "Up the Canyon":
    "...Quiet Contemplation, a few minutes to unwind.
    River's got me hypnotized and I love to smell the pines...
    The river cuts a steady course,from years of heading' seaward.
    I follow that canyon back upstream.
    The rivers song is pure and true,it never ages.
    It's as timeless as a dream...
    I know what’s waiting for me up around the next bend,
    I'm up the canyon heading' home again!"

    And, as Panhandle pointed out, Brokedown Palace by the Grateful Dead is a classic.
  10. Another lurker emerges on this thread.....I can't believe nobody has quoted these classic lines from "Sailin' Shoes" by Little Feat:

    Jedidiah, he's got a dime
    Says he catch a more fish, every time
    Well I've got a line, and you've got a pole
    And I'll meet you at the fishin' hole

    Also, Sam Bush (duet with Emmylou Harris), "The River's Gonna Run".
  11. Marshall Tucker Band,

    Bob away my Blues

    I'm goin' down to the river
    got a cane pole in my hand,
    got my red worm
    in a maxwell house, coffee can
    I'm gonna sit, under a shady tree
    on a river bank, where it's slow
    gonna close my eyes n dream
    an let the cork bob away my blues,

    Substitute san juan worm for red worm, and strike indicator for cork and your politicaly correct! ;)
  12. Tool- Rosetta Stoned
    Slipknot- Eyeless
    Puscifer- ****ry Boner
    Deftones & Maynard- Passenger
    and anything by Infected Mushroom, or any of those other artists.
  13. Nice thread, I'll stop lurking now!

    Here are a few I like:

    "Ask the Fish" by Leftover Salmon

    "Whispering waters" by Leftover Salmon

    "Tempting The Salmon To The Fly" by Cowboy Celtic?

    "Follow The Heron" by Cathie Ryan

    "Fishin' In The Dark" by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

    and one that describes most of my fishing:

    "Right Place, Wrong Time" by Dr. John
  14. Blue Trout --- Alex de Grassi (Instrumental, Guitar)
  15. Now the sun is just starting to rise up over the tree top, and it's gonna be a beautiful day, that's plain to see. But I won't be around at all, so don't even bother to call. Cause on a day like today there's on place I gotta be.....
    I'm going fishin with, Bill Dance todayyyyyyyyy
  16. Swamp Music.....Skynyrd
  17. Hell ya....les is a bad ass!!!!!
  18. "Country Boy" and "Country Trash" by Johnny Cash.
  19. How about 'Good Day, Sunshine" by the Beatles. My personal favorite.

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