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  1. Im dusting off my gear and planning a weekend trip down to Bend to fish the Deschutes. Never been. Any advice on nice came spots? Or where to even begin? Thanks and happy summer!!

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  2. Or I'm open to exploring eastern washington (I live in Seattle). I'm not asking for you're secret spot. I just don't know where to even start. Especially in eastern wa.

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  3. The Deschutes is a very long river with three different sections. The Little Deschutes winds through the lakes of Century Drive in the Oregon Cascades and flows south. Then it makes a turn below Bend and starts flowing north through the flat lands. It becomes larger and that section is called The Middle Deschutes.

    Then it grows quite large in size at Warm Springs and eventually flows into The Columbia River. This is the most popular area called The Lower Deschutes.

    Soooo... there is no specific spot. Considering you are quite new to the river, I'd suggest you check with one of the many shops in Bend. You're basically asking a tall order, similar to "where should I fish on The Madison in Montana?".

    There are many, many books out there in regards to the Deschutes but one of the newest and most informative is a book by Scott Richmond titled Fishing Oregon's Deschutes River. I highly recommend you buy a copy. It includes maps of access points and camping spots plus a section on suggested fly patterns.
  4. If you are going to Bend, I would fish the multiple rivers and lakes in that area. The Fall, the Crooked, the Metolius are all fun rivers. I happen to love lakes and it is hard to beat that area for lake fishing. Stopping on the way down in Maupin and hooking up with one of the guides there is a great day trip on the lower Deschutes as well.

  5. Like GAT said the Deschutes is a long river with very different sections. The best way to fish the lower section, as well as pretty much the only way due to limited access, is on a drift boat. If you won't be on a boat then you'll want to be at Mecca Flats outside of Warm it...there is camping there and it has the northernmost access to the lower D. The middle section basically runs through farmland and flows vary daily due to irrigation demands. Century Drive southwest of downtown Bend has a lot of good access spots to the Deschutes within National Forest land so you can camp anywhere down there as well. If you have a few days to spare you should also definitely give the Crooked River a look. Its about an hour east of Bend and ODFW just did a fish count on the 9 mile section of river northward from the dam and there are an estimated 8,000+ trout (over 8" long) per river mile. Thats not including the healthy number of mountain whitefish either.
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  6. Man you guys are great! Thanks for the info. I'm looking forward to my trip solo from the wife and kid and to get into some tight lines! Again, many thanks!
  7. I've only fished the D on a drift boat once, usually walk it. Mecca Flats by Warm Springs, and Maupin, up to and past the locked Rod and Gun gate. Lots of access points on both stretches. Maupin gets steelies earlier, they should be starting to come in around August I think, maybe earlier.

    You can't fish from a boat on the Lower D, so lots of wading, but boats can get you on the Indian side and on some bars. You can walk the Indian side too with a permit. Watch your car though. For my money, I'm happy with walking it, although a boat is sure nice for Trout Creek at dusk, at the end of the Mecca Flats trail. Guide trips on the D are pricey.

    LOTS of rattlesnakes, so be watchful, especially around Maupin climbing the rip rap. Personally I would not tent camp on the ground in either area because of that.

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